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trance drumming beats for moving between the worlds. Bring your own drum or percus- sion instrument. Event is donation based. For more info:

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Simple Solutions to Stop PMS with Diet & Lifestyle. 1-3pm. Free class facilitated by Christi DeLarco, L.Ac., MSOM, Dipl. OM. No matter what anyone tells you, PMS is not a normal part of having your period. Whether you struggle with cramps, mood swings, bloat- ing, insomnia or other symptoms of PMS this class will give you the tools to reduce or even eliminate those annoying symptoms with simple changes to diet, over the counter supplements, exercises, and lifestyle tweaks. Get ready to look forward to hassle free peri- ods at last! Location: Stillpoint Acupuncture, 1901 Lendew St., Ste. 11, GSO. 336-510- 2029.

Triad Paleo Meetup - Potluck. 6-8:30 pm. Everyone is welcome. Bring a dish to share for 6 - 8 people, include the recipe and uten- sils. Please, no dairy (with the exception of sweet cream butter), grain, rice, corn, white potato, soy, legumes or sugar. If you are now wondering 'what's left to eat', by all means come and find out. There will be delicious samples. It is our intention to clear up mis- conceptions about today's dietary recom- mendations and to bring the Paleo commu- nity together to share resources and experi- ences. RSVP at or call Ilse Watkins at 336-201-3002. This month's loca- tion: Earth Fare, 2965 Battleground Ave. GSO.

Monday, March 24

Art & Mediumship: Creating Energy Portraits Class. 6:30-9pm. In this class, develop your Mediumship and Intuitive Skills using art as a resource for expressing symbols, colors, and messages received from Spirit. Intuitive devel- opment students of all levels are welcome. If you have felt the guidance to merge Art & Spirit, please join us! Registration and more info:

Tuesday, March 25

Have You Had A Spiritual Experience? Topics: Past Lives, Dreams & Soul Travel. 7-8pm. Open Discussion, Everyone Welcome! Watch for our signs! DeBeen Espresso, 709 W Lex- ington Ave., High Point, NC 27265

Have You Had A Spiritual Experience? Topics: Past Lives, Dreams & Soul Travel. 7-8pm. Open Discussion, Everyone Welcome! Watch for our signs! NEW LOCATION!!! Panera Bread, 2209 Cloverdale Ave., Winston Salem

Wednesday, March 26

Healing Touch Clinic. The Healing Touch Clinic is held once a month at West Market United Methodist Church, 301 W. Market St. Room 109, GB. Appts available at 5:30, 6:30 or 7:30. Healing Touch relieves pain, eases


stress and anxiety, instills serenity, nourishes mind, body, spirit and helps the body self- heal. HT is described as a Biofield Therapy by the National Institute of Health and compli- ments conventional health care. Cost is Love Offering. Contact Lundee Amos at 336-288- 2654 or email

Thursday, March 27

Feldenkrais® – Awareness Through Move- ment. 6-7pm. Meets fourth Thursday monthly. Facilitated by Joy Shelnutt, PT, GCFP. The Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class teaches you how to become aware of the way you move your body and gives you choices about how to change habitual move- ment and posture for improved function. Benefits: Increased flexibility and agility, re- duced tension and pain, enhanced physical skill levels and improved quality of life. Come join us! Location: Integrative Therapies, 7-E Oak Branch Dr., GSO. Fee: $10/class. Call 336-294-0910 to talk with Joy prior to register- ing so we can make sure to meet your per- sonal needs. Our website calendar is available at

Monday, March 31

CHH Book Club. 6-7pm. Led by Heather Mask, LPC. Join us on the last Monday evening of each month as we read a book together as a group every 3 months. We will meet three times on each book for discussion and processing of the material we have read. Our first book will be, “When the Body Says No” by Gabor Mate, MD. Tonight, we will cover chapters 8-13. Please join us for light snacks, sharing and discussion. Bring your thoughts, ideas and questions. Location: 1623 York Ave, Ste. 103, HP. For more info call 841-4307 or visit

Friday, April 4

Woman to Woman. 1:30-2:30pm. First Friday monthly. Woman to Woman is a support group for all women who are seeking a life of har- mony and peace. Through the sharing of life experiences, participants provide one an- other with support, strength and the common bond of friendship. The group provides a safe, nurturing environment for women to gather and share their concerns, experiences and wisdom. Registration not required. No set fee, but donations are appropriate. The group is led by Pat Tadlock, RN NP, a retired Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. She also provides Healing Touch and Reiki at the Center. Loca- tion: 1623 York Ave, Ste. 103, HP. For more info call 841-4307 or visit

Take Back the Night-Sexual Assault Aware- ness Month Event. 6-8pm. In acknowledge- ment of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, The Center for Holistic Healing is holding a “Take Back the Night March”. The evening will start with participants receiving information on sexual assault, a local musician singing some soothing acoustic music, a silent candle-light

mini-march, and will end with a speak-out, in which anyone is welcome to speak. There will be a counselor, Valarie Snell, LCSW, pres- ent for anyone who needs to talk to her. This is a free event. We hope to see you there. Location: 1623 York Ave, Ste. 103, HP. For more info call 841-4307 (ask for Valarie) or visit

Saturday, April 5

Natural Triad Magazine's 10th Annual Health & Wellness Show. 9am-6pm. Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center. Free admis- sion. Come spend the day with us!

Friday, April 11

Free Film Screening and Discussion - Sexual Assault Awareness Month Event. 6:30-8pm. In acknowledgement of Sexual Assault Aware- ness Month, The Center for Holistic Healing will be having a free screening of the docu- mentary, The Line. This documentary explores topics related to consent in regards to physical intimacy, being able to respect other’s bound- aries, and being able to define your own boundaries. This film has adult topics and graphic images that are appropriate only for adults. This film and discussion is a great way to explore and discuss issues related to sexu- ality and consent. There will be a profes- sional counselor, Valarie Snell, LCSW, leading the discussion and will be available for anyone who needs to talk to her. Location: 1623 York Ave, Ste. 103, HP. For more info call 841-4307 (ask for Valarie) or visit

Monday, April 14

Women’s Self Defense Class-Basic Self De- fense Techniques for Empowerment, Aware- ness and Developing Interpersonal Confi- dence and Competence. 6-8:30pm. Led by Rodney Owen a practitioner and teacher of Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation, Workshop will cover basic self defense strategies and techniques that every- one can use regardless of age, level of fitness, or previous skill. We will cover different as- pects of personal protection including levels of awareness; body language; understanding a threat and reacting appropriately; the basic tools of self defense found in everyday life; methods for developing confidence; various defenses against physical attack; simple but effective techniques that work and can be done by anyone. Note: This is not a class about fighting, competitive martial arts, or fear propagation. This is a workshop for under- standing the reality and nature of violence, how to best neutralize it given various sce- narios, and how to develop and maintain confidence. It is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. No prior experience is neces- sary. Attendees should wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes and be comfortable with various interpersonal partner exercises. Part- ners or solo practitioners are welcome, as we will rotate regularly. Cost: $30. Location: 1623 York Ave, Ste. 103, HP. For more info call 841-4307 or visit

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