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also one of the least understood. It’s called: ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR). In order to understand why we ought to inves- tigate further, we need to know something about our own, human energy. Bioelectric energy is an American term for "chi" or "qi." We are all surrounded by a field, or aura, of energy. This field is affected by a variety of influences, including electro-magnetic fields. If you don't believe invisible waves have influence on your brain and body, consider the word: "lunacy," defined in the dic- tionary as "...intermittent insanity, changing in intensity with the phases of the moon." The word "lunitidal" means "...of a tide or tidal movement caused by the moon's attraction." Waves are water. Mostly, so are people. People are influenced by the moon! If this wasn't true, there'd be no such things as werewolves!


you don't believe a man can turn into a wolf, you probably missed high-school prom. As brain tumors and cancers rise with our decade-long love affair with cell phone technology, we must ask ourselves if cell phones are safe. If any doubt exists, then, how do we protect ourselves while continuing to enjoy the convenience of these technologies? In England, Europe, and other parts of the world, cell phones have warning labels which clearly state they should not be used by pregnant moms or small children. (Why don't we have warning labels in the U.S.?) Children, with their thinner skull plate, are even more susceptible to possible dangers. (Note to parents: please do not use electronic, handheld devices near your baby’s head! This includes all activities, including nursing, as well as proximity to the uterus during pregnancy.) Many Western doctors, especially brain surgeons, recognize these dangers and many have predicted an outbreak of brain tumors (which are coincidentally [?] appearing on the right side of the brain, where most people hold their phones). The increase in tumors was predicted to become more apparent beginning in 2010. Why 2010? Because in 2010, cell phones were in popular use by the public for a decade, and ten years is enough time for a tumor to grow large enough to be both detectable, and poten- tially deadly. This cellular technology has been in use by the military far longer than by the American public. These dangers are not unknown. (Note to reader: I haven’t seen “Dr. Strangelove” lately, so I’m making this part up.) Imagine this scene: During a confer- ence of top military leaders, the ex-nazi-now-working-for-our-side who is known by the name Dr. Strangelove, mutters: “There is nothing ethically wrong about dropping bombs on the heads of innocent people. As long as they don’t know it first, then they will not care.” “But sir,” asks an American officer, “don’t we have an ethical responsibility to at least warn them before we drop the bombs?” “Nein!” blasts Dr. Strangelove, slamming his black, leather-clad artificial arm down on his wheelchair. Quickly composing himself, forcing a sheepish grin. “If you warn them first, they will only get out of the way.” The attending generals murmur and nod in agreement. “Of course, why didn’t we think of that?” With our immune systems operating at a 30% deficiency

compared to Americans of just 20 years ago, the assault on both our immune systems and stress levels by this "invisible" threat should likewise be considered. Have you noticed how many more people are getting sick year after year? Flu shots, formerly reserved for "the elderly," are now being marketed to everyone. Walk down the aisle at your neighborhood drug store, with their banner ads all but insisting you "get your flu shot today." We're

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