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agent is reduced when it is bound to min- erals. In addition, vitamins and minerals are most bioavailable having passed through plant or animal biochemistry first. This is especially true of iron, which must be converted to heme by the ruminant animal. Without heme iron, all the red organs of the human body, including the liver, the kidneys, the spleen, the thyroid and the bone marrow are compromised. It is also extremely important to un- derstand that alkaline extracted products, which contain both humic and fulvic substances, contain heavy metals. Humic substances do not discriminate. Humic substances support all life. They therefore bind heavy metals and light minerals both of which play an integral part in plant and microbial metabolism. Human cells mostly run minerals with an anatomic number less than 50, the “light minerals”. Consuming a product with heavy metals is not in the best interests of a human cell, which has no use for them and cannot eliminate them without outside help and/ or the support of fulvic acid. Heavy metals prevent human cell nourishment. The safest product for human con- sumption is pure fulvic acid. Pure fulvic acid contains no heavy metals or hydro- carbons. The fulvic acid group can only be made using an acid extraction process and must be consumed at an acid pH. When a product is black or black-grey or dark brown, and/or alkaline extracted or acid extracted and yellow, but returned to an alkaline pH, the product contains heavy metals and should be avoided. The science gets very confusing, but the bottom line is this: To be optimally health in the 21st century, supplementa- tion with pure fulvic acid is required, be- cause fulvic acid has been depleted in the food chain for a very long time. Fulvic acid is necessary for normal electrical function inside the human cell. Cells thrive with fulvic acid. Fulvic acid supports growth and repair of hair, skin, nails as well as all cells in the body. Fulvic acid supports a strong immune system, a strong organ system and an optimally healthy body. Fulvic acid is nature’s chelating agent, neutralizing heavy metals, organophos- phates, petrochemicals and radioactive minerals in a safe and effective way. Fulvic acid is required to bring all nutrients into the body. Without adequate fulvic acid, human cellular metabolism is compro- mised. Without fulvic acid, herbal supple- mentation, vitamin supplementation and

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especially mineral supplementation is dangerous. Why? Because without fulvic acid as the conduit, supplements are not fully processed, becoming metabolic trash in the blood, the nervous system, the lypmphatic system and inside the cells themselves! Without adequate amounts of fulvic acid, vitamin, mineral and herb- al supplementation cause electrical cir- cuits to overload, short out and eventually break. Initially, electrical overload from supplementation may feel better, espe- cially for a person with little or no energy. This feeling is short lived as long term overload of electrical circuits prevents human cells from generating and main- taining power and energy on their own. Supplements are just that: supplements. They are no substitute for maintaining the fundamental principles on which life oper- ates. And when life is supported from the ground up, aided by fulvic acid, very little supplementation is required. Power generated from within the cell

is the sustaining life force, not power com- ing from outside the cell feeding to feed- ing, craving to craving or fix to fix. Food energy has to be converted on a continu- ous basis to cell power, which requires fulvic acid and metabolic enzymes. Power inside the cell is generated accord- ing to the laws of electricity, similar to how a light bulb will light in water that contains dissolved mineral salts. Meeting needs for energy, vis-a-vis electrical balance, is the key to generating and maintaining power for optimal health. Fulvic acid plays a major role in energy balance and electrical balance inside the human body. Consider fulvic acid supplementation. Seek guid- ance and clarification as necessary to navigate the world of science on which the human body runs. (For those of you who are interested in a great demonstra- tion of basic electrical principles, copy and paste these links in an internet browser. eo_4936281_electric-circuit-experi- ments-water-as.html and http://www. cuit-experiments-conductivity-acids. html)

For further information about fulvic acid supplementation, please contact Elizabeth A Wanek, MD at The Wanek Medical Cen- ter, “Foundational Medicine for Life”©. 6 North Pointe Court, Greensboro, NC. 336-545-1020. See ad on page 18.

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