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"The Return of Dr. Strangelove or:

to Stop Worrying Can I Learn " D

r. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worry- ing and Love the Bomb"

is a 1964 black comedy classic. It is a celebration of military paranoia, our relationship with the Russians, and of craziness; and it is very, very funny. From film critic Leonard Maltin: view- ing it gets “better with each pass- ing year.” If you’ve never heard of this film or seen it, you are missing a precious gem. When it comes to personal wellness, missing a gem here and there probably won’t be enough to kill you, or make you really sick. Consider though, how many times can you step on an explo- sive mine without realizing permanent damage (casualty)? Consider also, how wonderful health would be if you could amass enough wealth (wellness!) by only discovering and accumulating gems!

and Love My

Phone?" Imagine walking on a secluded beach, looking for gems. The

sun is high in the cloudless sky. Waves lull you into a tranquil state of mind. Your trek becomes a walking meditation. You feel so good. Treasures, like the seashells we find and examine, can add beauty and richness to our lives. Suddenly you step on a mine, perhaps an artifact undiscovered (until now!). It blows up! You may be dead. Maybe you survive, only without legs. The difference in uncovering precious gems and stepping on explo- sive mines is enormous; its effect on you long-lasting. Particu- larly when it comes to matters of personal health, which are

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mostly determined by the choic- es you make for yourself and your family. What is the one thing not yet mentioned, that might make all the difference when navigating strange, unfa- miliar terrain; the difference between abundant health and catastrophe in your life? A map. On the beach, a map showing where the mines are buried would have proved useful. Then, you could either choose to avoid stepping on one or, in spite of the map, choose to step on one any- how! You see? The map puts you in a decision-making capacity to determine your own, personal fate. A map eliminates igno- rance. “I didn’t know the mine was there until I stepped on it!”

It allows you to decide what to do. “I don’t believe that stepping on mines can hurt me, so I’ll do it anyhow!” In this scenario, we’ve imagined ourselves on a beach. Now I’d like you to change your mind, and be right where you are, right here and now in the 21st century. Here in our modern world, there are both mines and gems. Here in our world, there is strange and unfamiliar terrain. One such terrain is our technological landscape, a world of both wonderful convenience and potential danger (since it is mostly untested and has not been in existence very long). As a map proves useful when walking strange beaches, it’s probably a good idea to use one when navigating other terrain. This brings us to our topic.

One of the most insidious pollutants of the 21st century is

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