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iabetes claims more and more lives every day. Mt Sinai doctors tell us you

Can Diabetes be cured with Healthy Weight Loss?

can put diabetes in remission, maintain normal blood sugar, and need no medi- cation.

Columbia University reports that non-insulin dependent diabetes is cured in 80% of diabetic patients after weight loss.

Our cells need glucose (sugar). The

cells have receptors (like a door) that have to be opened for the sugar to get into the cell. Insulin takes sugar from the blood to the cell, and opens the recep- tors. If the sugar can’t get in, it remains in the blood. When blood glucose rises higher than normal, and the body can’t control it, the result is diabetes. Sugar in the blood stream causes inflammation, which increases risk of blindness, infections, nerve damage, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, amputations, pain, and more. Insulin also promotes fat formation and retention, and increased inflammation. Healthy Weight Loss will reduce your risk of all of these diseases.

Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics Eliminate or Reduce Insulin, Metformin, or Other Drugs

When a problem arises we go to our

doctors for a quick fix – a shot or a pill to “cure” us. Metformin, insulin, and other drugs used to “control symptoms” of diabetes, do not cure it. Many of these treatments have dangerous side-effects. Phentermine and other amphetamines are addictive, are prescribed for a short time, and have many side effects. And the age-old advice of diet and exercise has done nothing to stop the growing epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Weight loss at Earheart is different.


Earheart is a physician prescribed treat- ment, not a diet. Patients have lost weight and normalized their blood sugar, with no negative side effects. The Earheart treatment helps empty the cells of sugar, and balance the blood levels. Many diabetics are not able to

achieve a normal blood sugar, even with medications. For example, Danny, a dia- betic patient, began his Earheart treat- ment with an A1C of 9.7. His doctor could not achieve a normal blood sugar level, even with three medications. After only one treatment, and the loss of 43 pounds, he lowered his A1C to a normal 5.5, re- ducing his medications to only ¼ of one medication. Reducing or eliminating medication for blood sugar is the norm at Earheart.

Doctors tell us to lose weight

and exercise. Danny had tried everything, but he could not lose

weight on his own. He was scheduled to have weight loss surgery when he found Earheart. Both Danny and his doctor are happy that surgery was not needed. Many people try, but have given up and accepted obesity and poor health. Obesity and diabetes shorten ones life. That is not OK! I would have given any- thing to have had 10 – 20 more years with my grandparents, and I am sure your children and grandchildren feel the same way. They need you to walk and play with them, to give them advise and love, and to be alive and healthy. And you can! Earheart Healthy Weight Loss really works. It is a twelve-week treatment, with six weeks of weight loss and six weeks of returning to normal foods. Patients lose between 20 – 40 pounds in just one six- week treatment. You can continue treat- ments and lose 50, 100 pounds, or more, without hunger, typical lose skin, malnutri- tion, hair loss, and rebound weight gain that comes from dieting or surgery. You gain the power to lose weight

and keep it off at Earheart Healthy Weight Loss. Better health is easy, fast, and safe at Earheart. Pre-diabetics avoid diabetes! Diabetics find remission! Earheart patients are able to control their weight in the future, control their health, and change their lives.


Stage 1 Diabetes (Pre-Diabetes) When our cells have enough sugar,

Vic lost 31 pounds and

stopped all medication for blood sugar and blood pressure

they protect themselves by locking the doors (receptors), and sugar is left in the blood. This is insulin resistance. The pan- creas produces more insulin to try to get

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