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Saturday, April 5 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


11:00 AM Elizabeth Wanek, MD

Foundational Medicine for Life – Optimal Health From the Ground Up

Basic science as the foundation for creating and sustaining life in a human body will be dis- cussed. Participants will be instructed on the practical application of scientific principles in their daily lives in order to eliminate dis-ease, restore function & live a life of optimal health.

Elizabeth Wanek, MD is certified by the American Board of Surgery and by the Institute for Functional Medicine. In private practice since 1998, The Wanek Medical Center is located in Greensboro.

1:00 PM Bose Ravenel, MD

Behavior and Learning Problems in Children

Two underlying genetic and biochemical prob- lems are common in children with behavior and learning clinical syndromes such as ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). Glu- ten sensitivity and genetic variants will be shown to be clinically relevant and to provide

an opportunity for resolution through non-pharmacological means.

Bose Ravenel, MD practices pediatric functional medicine as a part of Robinhood Integrative Health in Winston-Salem after practicing traditional general pediatrics for 41 years, with an 11 year aca- demic experience during those years. He co-authored The Diseasing of America’s Children. Dr. Bose is AAP Board Certified, a member of the NC Pediatric Society, NC Integrative Medical Society, the Institute of Functional Medicine, and the Society for Behavioral and Develop- mental Pediatrics. Visit

3:00 PM Aditi Dave, MD Transforming the Mind, Living Stress-Free, Living Ultimate Wellness The Best Kept Secrets to Greater Inner Happiness:

Our society has a prolific problem with depression, anxiety, insomnia, excessive thinking, negative emotional patterns all preventing wellness and happiness that is everyone's birth right. Happiness as an authentic way of living remains challenging. In this experiential talk several categories of powerful, ancient techniques will be introduced as a high yield way of rejuvenating the mind, letting go of stress, increasing energy and wellness in the body, and releasing negative impressions and emotions stored in the nervous system.

After obtaining a Philosophy degree, Dr. Aditi Dave attended Medical School, then completed dual residencies in In-

ternal Medicine and Pediatrics from the University of Michigan, and continued as faculty physician in Hospital Medicine and Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan for 5 years She currently practices at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital to help serve as an inpatient


12:00 PM Elizabeth Vaughan, MD Detox NOW and Forever

We will discuss the reasons we all need to cleanse and detoxify our bodies on a daily basis, and an occasional more intense basis. Will then discuss the details of how to do it. Dr. Vaughan will share her experiences with cleansing.

Elizabeth Vaughan, MD is board certified by the American Boards of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, Internal Medicine and Clinical Metal Toxicology. Her practice, Vaughan Integrative Medicine, is located in Greensboro. Visit

2:00 PM Jillian Teta, ND

The Top Five Reasons Why Your Digestion Isn’t Improving

Symptoms like gas, bloating, indigestion and other gastrointestinal symptoms are among the most common complaints shared by men and women alike. Long term digestive symp- toms are not normal and the underlying causes for them are often overlooked or simply ig-

nored. In this talk, Dr. Jillian will teach you the top 5 roadblocks to digestive bliss and what to do about them so that you can help yourself feel better and kick symptoms to the curb for good.

Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta is a medically-trained naturopathic physician, the creator of Fix Your Digestion, and the author of “Natural Solutions for Digestive Health”, being released May 6th. She blogs at www. and enjoys walking in the woods with Keoni and their dogs.

Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center

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