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son to shift their emotional mood and acceptance of things with greater ease. 3). Mindfulness has been shown to be very effective in helping athletes take in the total physical and competitive experience.

Visualization and guided imagery

mental training are also powerful tech- niques due to the power of mental re- hearsal; therefore, they are very effective techniques for anyone who chooses to create power and momentum. It is essen- tial for the athlete to experience moment- to-moment connection with his/her task, drill or skill. When a person is in the pres-

ent moment, they are not dwelling on past mistakes, nor focusing on the outcome or the score. When a participant is able to remain in-the-present-moment, speech and movements happen more naturally. When the person is focused and in-the- present, he/she is not evaluating or judging their results. Imagine the benefits for the public speaker, when they are one and fully connected with their audience. 1. Competitive athletes who have been in the zone, have stated things like, “My movements were natural, I executed those practiced skills almost effortlessly. It was me and the moment, no one else”. 2. Mental clutter is a potential obstruc-

tion that athletes and coaches can’t af- ford to have interfere with physical performances. a. In order to optimize their perfor- mances, athletes must KNOW HOW TO remain mentally tough throughout competitive situations. b. Athletes must KNOW HOW TO control their arousal state (thinking and breathing).

With the Winter Games just now over, the Olympians who rose to the top and stood on the podium performed at their physical peak. They are the ones who re- mained physically loose and mentally calm! They know the secret, that to stay in the zone throughout their events, one has to be well prepared for the unex- pected and, train mentally. Success doesn’t just happen!

Next month we will address:

1. Specific strategies that anyone can use that are especially helpful with remaining calm under pressure. 2. How former basketball Coach, Phil Jackson used mindfulness to take things out of the ordinary and put spirited fun back in his team’s competitions. 3. How you can do an easy self-assessment technique for mindfulness. 4. Why ‘Don’t Words’ cause confusion between the subconscious and conscious minds and reduce desired outcomes. 5. Three essential elements that are key to mastering control of our thoughts.

Until then, remember, if you CHOOSE TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE, feel more pleased with your life, and achieve your dreams/ goals, something has to change. You can wait for “luck” to arrive at your door, or you can learn how to produce desired positive changes in your life!

Success and Business ‘Coach P’, (Polly Humphreys) works with athletes, youths and professionals to break through mental barriers in order to optimize their perfor- mances in sports and life. Polly states, “I help ordinary people with ordinary prob- lems, create extraordinary results”. Tailored coaching sessions are available in both, in-office sessions or, tailored Face To Face live interactive, SKYPE personalized ses- sions. Appointments: 828-504-2003. Two Web sites: and al- - Twitter: @RUMen- tallyTough


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