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living, becoming aware of your emotions and reactions, as well as learning about yourself and your responses to your thoughts, emotions and the world around you. Free - donations accepted. Location: 1623 York Ave, Ste. 103, HP. For more info call 841-4307 or visit www.

Tuesday, March 11

Have You Had A Spiritual Experience? Topics: Past Lives, Dreams & Soul Travel. 7-8pm. Open Discussion, Everyone Welcome! Watch for our signs! Green Bean, 341 South Elm St, GSO.

Wednesday, March 12

Reiki I Certification Class. Wednesdays, March 12, 19, 26. 6:30-8:30 pm. Learn how to use the Japanese Reiki energy healing technique to nurture your body, mind, and spirit, improve health and wellness, and re- lieve stress! Find greater balance, peace, and well-being. This class includes a Certification for Reiki I following Usui tradition, informa- tion about the history of Reiki, multiple at- tunements, chakra information, hand posi- tions, assessing chakras, practice time, and a personal manual for you to keep! Led by Christina Allen, Reiki Master Teacher. $100/ person Registration required at 336-420-2398. Visit for more info.

Sunday, March 16

Connecting With Reiki for Kids. Sundays, March 16 & 23. 1-4pm. In this class, Christina Wooten, RMT will introduce Children (ages 7 - 12) to age appropriate instruction of simple meditation, the seven chakras, Reiki, and guide children in learning the gift of self- treatment for purposes such as self-healing, self-soothing, and aid in transitions. Children will also be guided in how to demonstrate Reiki healing with others in safe and ethical ways. We will also discuss coping with peers which may have differing views. To register and for more info: or 336-420-2398

Tuesday, March 18

Have You Had A Spiritual Experience? Topics: Past Lives, Dreams & Soul Travel. 7-8pm. Open Discussion, Everyone Welcome! Watch for our signs! Panera Bread, 970 South Main St., K'ville.

Thursday, March 20

Building Self-Esteem & Confidence. 4:30- 5:30pm. 3 week group program - March 20, 27, Apr. 3. Being a teenage girl is hard work! In most cases Low Self-Esteem & Low Self-Confidence (ages 12-19) are caused by discrimination, negative childhood experi- ences, prolonged separation from parent figures, neglect, or emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, deficient or frustrating relation- ships, and a general sense of lack of control.

Natural Triad Magazine

Some people with low self-esteem continue to feel bad even when it appears that things/ situations have gotten better. This program is designed to encourage, inspire, and sup- port teen girls a well as equip them with the tools to assist them through challenging trials they face today… If not dealt with may result in Depression or in Borderline Personality Disorder. Cost for all 3 Sessions $55. Call Jill White-Huffman, MS, LPC, MFT, LMBT at 336-855-1860 to register by March 17. Loca- tion: 1921 D Boulevard St., GSO. Visit www.

A Couples Enrichment Experience. 6:30-8pm. 3 week group program- March 20, 27, Apr. 3. During these group sessions you will: 1- Learn Reasons Why “He/She Acts Like They Do”. 2 - Move Out Of Negative Cycles. 3 - Learn Ways to Accept Each Other’s Differences. 4 - Enjoy Communicating Better. 5 - Learn to Resolve Conflict and Stay Connected. 6 - Speak To Each Other’s Love Language. 7 - Ignite Your Romantic Fire. 1st Couples Session & Assess- ment Cost $100.00 (Call Jill 336-855-1860 to Schedule). Cost for all 3 Week Workshop $149. Call Jill White-Huffman, MS, LPC, MFT, LMBT at 336-855-1860 to register by March 17. Location: 1921 D Boulevard St., GSO. Visit

Nutritional Solutions. 7-8pm. Third Thursday monthly. Facilitated by Melanie Bopp, PhD, RD. Do you realize how unique you are? Your nutritional program should be unique too. Are you sure you are getting the nutrients your

body needs for optimal wellness? Are you wondering if food sensitivities might be im- pacting your health? Please join us to find out about our targeted assessment tools and pro- grams to help you feel your best. Each class offers a presentation on a specific nutritional topic as well as a services overview. Location: Integrative Therapies, 7-E Oak Branch Dr., GSO. Call 336-294-0910 to find out the topic of the month and to register. Free. For more info, visit

Friday, March 21

Pet Loss Support Group. 12-1:30pm. Led By: Valarie Snell, LCSW. Losing a loved one is always painful. Many times when we lose a pet, we can feel that there is no place for us to grieve, and that no one will understand. This is a place that we want it to be safe to express this pain, and to gather support from others who have also lost a pet. Cost: $15. Location: 1623 York Ave, Suite 103, High Point. For more info call 841-4307 or visit

Saturday, March 22

Connecting with Drum Medicine. 1-3pm. You are invited to an interactive, experiential gathering with Spirit to develop a relationship with Drum Medicine. Within a circle of hides, hearts, and hands we will explore the signifi- cance of drumming, learn how to build a re- lationship with your own drum - honoring it's unique voice and essence, and experience

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