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hank you for your overwhelming response to Natural Awakenings of Hudson County. I am thrilled that you are enjoying the magazine and find it helpful in realizing a life of sustained health and well-being. Women’s Wellness month is here and what can I say: I love being a woman! For sure, there can be downsides like high heels, shape wear, cellulite, stretch marks and PMS. Yet all-in-all, it’s a pretty good gig. We are treasured mothers, daughters, lovers, sisters, aunts, nieces and best friends, plus so much more. It’s impossible to imagine what

Debra Tucker

our world would be like without the special women in our lives. There are a thousand reasons why it is vital we take care of ourselves and our sisters. With that said, I issue the following challenge to awesome women everywhere: Commit to giving up something that is not in your best interest. It might be soda, cigarettes, too much sugar, toxic people or a love affair with the TV remote. Have you shunned daily exercise in favor of couch potato ways so long that you are growing sprouts? Do you drink soda for breakfast? (Don’t laugh, it happens more than you might think.) If you’re not sure where to start, just ask yourself the question: What am I doing that is not good for me? At least one (if not two) answers will pop into your mind. Make a plan to work on them. Ask a friend to join you in your challenge and support each other when temptation makes an appearance. As a, let’s just say, 40-something-year-old woman, I am a little freaked out about all those summer days basking in the sun as a teenager, and couldn’t wait to learn more about anti aging skin care in Kathleen Barnes’ “Aging Gracefully” feature article. I need to know how to counter assorted skin imperfections that are showing up all over my bod year after year. These days, I still have a love affair with sunshine, but I cover up with a hat the size of a sombrero and shades even Jackie O would have thought were too large. However, I am committed to keeping my skin as youthful looking as possible and if wearing a crazy hat is what it takes; then sign me up!

I’m also motivated by April Thompson’s “Clutter-Taming Tips,” which is enough to inspire us all to dig into clearing out drawers, closets, attics and basements. Hudson County has many organizations that accept donations and will even make pickups. I am now implementing the “one bag a day” technique where each night I take a bag and hit one overflowing space to quickly bag for donation, set aside a few for consignment and toss the rest. I recommend keeping at it, one day at a time until you are satisfied or have run out of bags. Thank you again for choosing our magazine. If you would like to become a distribution site for readers to pick up a copy of our magazine each month, please email me at And as always, let us know what you think about this issue by posting on facebook or emailing me.

Gratefully yours,

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Debra Tucker, Publisher

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