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Slastix or TRX Suspension Trainer What is it?

This piece of equipment is designed with straps and handles suspended from a hook or a doorway for a great at home or all-in-one gym workout. The Slastix system includes resistance bands to allow for plyometric exercises and places more stability demands on smaller muscles during exercise.

What the experts say:

Myofascial Release Therapy What is it?


Using a foam roll or Myo-therapy ball, it works out the kinks in your body. The Myofacia is a thin layer that covers your muscles; which should be able to move freely. Release Therapy will help your fascia loosen up, muscles release and reduce soreness.

What the experts say:

Always seek the professional opinion of your Personal Trainer, Massage therapist, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor. Healthy Fascia would benefit from rolling your muscles on the foam roller. Always proceed slowly and appreciate the feeling of release and see the difference after a few tries.

What this means to you:

Gaining muscular range of motion and reducing soreness—where do I sign up? The relief you feel form this foam rolling will make you a myofascial convert.


What the experts say: Tracking your workouts much like tracking your food intake: it will keep you motivated, accountable and in charge of your goals (not the other way around). The positive reinforcement of tracking re- sults will help people switch to an intrinsic positive drive when it comes to fitness/health goals.

What this means to you:

It wouldn't hurt to see the reality of your work- outs. We can all tell tall tales as to what we can bench press or how long we can run. Follow a routine (led by a Certified Personal Trainer), track your workouts and see the positive trend occur.


With proper instruction, the Slastix or TRX system will help boost your strength and tone very fast. To be able to control your body from a suspension system is an ingenious way to challenge all your muscles in a new fashion.

What this mean to you:

Buy one for home use, travel, the cottage or at the gym! It has so many uses for all your muscles. Make sure to get a Certified Personal Trainer to give you the right tools for a successful workout.


Electronic workout Monitors

What is it? Technogym is the first company to perfect the electronic monitoring of your cardio and strength workout. With a smart key you can track your workout, see results, have weekly updates to keep you motivated (total calories burned, miles run, weight lifted...), cardio test, strength tests, challenges with other gym members, track your progress on your iPhone and keep in touch with your trainer.

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