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TECHNOLOGICAL The Future of Exercise is here

f you have ever watched an episode of Star Trek, you know that electronic clipboards that could run a ship would be impossible to see first hand.

But, before too long it, the

iPad was invented, changing our perception of what is possible in the modern, technologically reliant world. With technology moving so quickly and sim- plifying so many day to day tasks, it is about time that the electronic advantage applies to fitness— technology can now be used to help keep you on track regarding your healthy lifestyle choices. Technogym has perfected the method of working with your individual needs (and your Per- sonal Trainer) to help track your workouts, results and successes with a programmable Smart Key. Used by over 2 million peo-

ple around the world, the Smart Key and Tech- nogym equipment have been tested and used by everyone from Olympics athletes to beginners learning the ropes at the gym. The Technogym Smart Key System can be programed with your individual strength and Cardio workouts. The Smart Key not only helps users achieve their fit- ness goals, but also helps us, as a club, find out more about our customers and better respond to your needs and goals. The backbone of Technogym’s technology is

an integrated wireless software application that allows users to view personal goals, exercise pro- grams and progress through the use of a Smart Key. When a Smart Key is inserted into the equipment, the machine automatically starts and users are presented with a personalized rou- tine to follow.


Through a personalized experience, the

Smart Key System provides each user with an individual fitness assessment, which provides the starting point for creating a personalized workout program for both strength and cardio workouts. Not everyone can afford Personal Trainers,

and some people just prefer to work out on their own; whether you have a Trainer or not, the Smart Key workout could be for you. You can follow a workout independently, or your Trainer can make changes as you go along and improve. Both the trainer and user can track and review progress through a central program at the end of the day or week. The Smart Key is easy to use

and simplifies every aspect of the fitness/wellness experience.

As a result, user motivation is dramatically increased through clearly defined routines or programs and constant feedback on their progress. With an intuitive and user friendly kiosk

available in the gym to load your workouts, an iPhone App to follow your results, a website to see your entire fitness, goal, workout and results profile, the Smart Key user will always have ac- cess to their healthy options and lifestyle.

Don’t you think it is worth a try? To find out more about the Smart Key Sys-

tem or to get started on the new Technogym equipment, come into the Fitness Centre and speak to one of ORC’s qualified, experienced trainers.

The Smart Key System is easy-to-use and simplifies every aspect of the user experience.


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