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not need to beat yourself up daily with a strict running regimen, intense biking or by banging miles off on the treadmill. Many people do stay trim and fit purely on an aerobic based fitness program, but one size does not fit all. We’re all different. Not everyone has the same success with the same eating plan–the same is true with fitness.


There are two main issues with aerobic based programming:

1) Muscular imbalances develop or fester into injuries and

2) Poor results (plateaus). If your body isn’t balanced, the repetitive

movements of the same activity each day will constantly stress the weak areas, making the situation worse. Variety is the key! Never do the same activity each day. Find out what your weak areas are physically and do activities to improve your situation.


BEWARE! Cardio Junkies

re you a cardio junkie? Many are ob- sessed with aerobic

exercise these

days. A certain level of cardiovascular activity is healthy for you, but you do

To mix up your Aerobic activity, try the following: • Perform five minutes of an activity and then immediately change to another machine or activity and continue for 30 minutes or longer

• Change the type of aerobic activity for each workout. Choose activities your body is not adjusted to. Try something new

• Perform an alternative aerobic workout al- ternating days with resistance training or participate in a sport

• Change the time, intensity or movement you do the activity for. Longer or shorter sprints, jog backwards for part of your run

• Use interval training; this is why endurance athletes are lean. Mix 20 seconds to 3 min- utes of intense effort (periods of 80-90% or more of maximum effort) with 10 seconds to 5 minutes of rest between efforts

Mix your training schedule by alternating resis- tance training days with aerobic/cardio days. Rest a day between these two training days or adjust the intensity so you never have three hard workout days consecutive. Active rest activities like walking, Hot, Gentle, Therapeutic or Yin yoga, pilates mat or reformers will be beneficial to work into your weekly routine.

If you are having trouble reaching your final goal, losing weight or losing body fat, think weight training. Muscle is the most metaboli- cally active tissue in your body. By increasing the number of active muscle cells you will increase your ability to burn that unwanted fat.

Circuit training with free weights is an excellent way to build your heart and lung capacity while building improved muscle tone and increasing your metabolic rate.

Steady State Training is any form of aerobic training where your heart rate is elevated to any- where between 135 and 150 Beats per minute (this could be higher or lower depending on the individual) and held in that comfortable range for a period of 30-60 minutes.

High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) is an in- terval based training protocol that has shown great success in the fitness gain and weight loss story as it taps into the energy sources inside the muscle. HITT training consists of 20 minutes or less of training time and focuses on exercises that use major muscle groups, compound move- ment and high intensity training.

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