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Following up on the last issue of Club Life, we offer a snippet of inspiration from Breast Cancer Survivor and ORC member, the truly unstoppable Dr. Alex Ginty. To say that Alex has been busy since our last issue went to print is a major understate- ment. She recently received an award of honour from the Canadian Cosmetic Toi- letry and Fragrance Association Founda- tion (linked to the 20th anniversary of its “Look Good Feel Better” charitable pro- gram), spoke at a number of fundraisers including a prolific Terry Fox event, had an article published in a medical journal, at- tended the local Relay for Life AND raised $4000 for Run for the Cure—crossing the finish line hand and hand with husband, Mark. We continue to celebrate Alex’s unique spirit and her unfailing commit- ment to staying positive.

was the kind of person who fit it all in – 5 minutes to spare and I found something else to do. I was often late as I put too much on my agenda and had to do it all. I loved the feeling – the adrenaline rush of being busy. As a doctor the ability to think quickly and multitask defined me, I loved being on the edge of control. Then, on an ordinary day in April, it stopped….. I found

a lump. It was cancer…. another lump on the other side, It was cancer too, then into the lymph node. My agenda collapsed: tennis league – delete all, work – delete all. I felt like hiding away after so much pain and surgeries to remove the cancers with a double mastectomy and more. It was my husband who saw me no differently and invited me to the gym as always at ORC just weeks after the surgeries. What I had forgotten was it is not just a gym – 3 hours later and I had not stopped talking to all the friends who saw me and we voted on my wig choices with upcoming chemo. I could not even open a door and a long way from lifting my arm for a serve or getting the ball over the net after all that terrible surgery but there were people who would still patiently hit with me.

Look at me now. Yes, I broke the same bad shoulder last year and yes, I broke the same wrist

badly this year but, I know I can come back now. It is not about me, it is about all those people who had faith and patience to see you as who you are, not a patient, knowing that attitude prevails and maybe rubs off a bit too as we all realize that determination is the key ingredient in life with GrrrAttitude.

How do we discover who we are It takes a journey very far

It is not just the fear of losing your life There’s a void in yourself, cut out by a knife My title, my looks, I thought defined me I discovered resilience I never would see The strength of endurance, courage to smile Despite all the hurt it took me a while To learn that from bad, the good will arise That from this experience, I will be wise And help people see that if you believe in you There’s a life of purpose in all that you do. ~ Alex Ginty


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