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Julian Marchese A

t age 6, with a born affinity for finance, Julian Marchese went door to door, try- ing to sell a rock. Fast forward a few years and you may have seen Julian’s televised

financial debut on Dragon's Den, a TV show where top entrepreneurs (Dragons) review product ideas/new business ventures for investment. Julian, now 15, 'slayed' 4/5 dragons, with an automated trading system he wrote and developed! As a rock-selling 6 year old, Julian wondered

"what did the richest people in the world make their money from?" He learned, through self- study, that most profits were made from the stock market. He notes "Bill Gates made most of his net worth from the rise of Microsoft's stock." At eight years old, Julian began his research on investing. This led to his next thought. He won- dered if there was a faster way to profit from the daily fluctuations in the price of stocks, so at age eleven, he shifted focus to trading. "Learning about speculating allowed me to

discover new opportunities in the financial mar- kets such as trading commodities—oil and gold, and currencies like the U.S. Dollar and Euro, which are MUCH larger financial markets than the stock market." Julian taught himself about automated trad-


Rosanne Liguori osanne Liguori emits

ing and strategy development. In late 2010, Julian created a successful trad-

good health

through every pore. Almost 50, but looking half that age, Rosanne believes in exercise for energy and stamina, as

well as choosing "whole live foods in their natu- ral state full of enzymes which make us feel so much better." She recalls 'Anita's Hatha Yoga' on televi-

sion—doing the poses as a child, and running cross country for her high school team. 'Buns of Steel' VHS still sits archived on her shelf, as


a reminder of her early years. She loves fitness classes, calling the women she's met, her "real life" inspiration. She adds, they are "truly amaz- ing fit women of all ages!" Rosanne believes in challenging herself and others "in order to have better quality of life in years to come." She wisely adds, "I believe that everyone

HAS to make the time to include daily exercise and better food choices if we want to be inde- pendent seniors in years to come and have great quality of life."

ing strategy that performed better than the stock market over the last 4 years. "I realized I would need funding in order to properly take advan- tage of my algorithm." A Dragon's Den audition opened the doors

of opportunity to a future he aspires to as a hedge fund manager. "I thought why not make money for myself and for others at the same time? So I began researching the great hedge fund manag- ers of the last 30 years, with Paul Tudor Jones being a major influence on my trading style." With each success, Julian is more successful in realizing his limitless potential.

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