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Healthy Tips to Keeping your Summer Body

< BY NICOLE CREWE > can still see the plate. A salad for dinner never hurt anyone either.

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See a professional when needed. Personal Trainers, Nutritionists and Fitness coaches are all available to help you. Make sure you pick someone who comes recommended, has post secondary education in the health field and you mesh well with their personality.

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challenging your body. Not a member of a fitness club, that's OK, try different workout videos or get a workout buddy.

Water - Water - Water! Just because you don't sweat as much outdoors your body needs lots of water to function, digest food, maintain your body's health and break- down energy for you to use

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If you play summer sports, join a fall and winter league. You can play a lot of sports indoors: soccer, volleyball, football, ultimate frisbee, squash, tennis and badminton. Sports can help make fitness fun.

Plan - Plan - Plan. Plan your meals, workouts, relaxation time. It sounds stressful but with a little healthy organization, your choices, healthy choices won't be hard to make. Make your meals, schedule your workouts with a buddy, Trainer or on your agenda.

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not be perfect. You will make mistakes and hating yourself for it won't help you get any healthier. Make baby steps, conquer one thing at a time. Remember it takes 21 days in a row to change a habit. 21 DAYS - CONSECUTIVELY!


Remember summer will come again. You will be putting shorts, bikinis, bathing suits and tank tops on AGAIN and sooner than you think. It is easier to maintain and stay on track than it is to start all over again. If you gain 3-5 pounds over the year every year, it soon becomes and extra 40lbs to loose. Why not loose the weight, strengthen your muscles, relax with some yoga and enjoy your energy, healthy lifestyle and improved quality of life.


Forgive yourself. If you have the body and healthy lifestyle you want, good for you. Maintenance is a great stage to be at. If you are on your healthy journey, it's ok to

Keep variety in your workout. If you are a member of a club or gym, try spinning, yoga, weight lifting, cardio machines, swimming... Change up your workout to keep

Set your health/fitness goals...again. It never hurts to review and reassess where you are with your goals or if they have changed completely.

Keep eating a variety of fruit and veggies. The benefits are too long to list but remember all the vitamins and minerals your body will be enjoying!

Keep active outdoors. Just because it gets just a little colder, you can still run, walk, cycle, play at the park... OUTDOORS! We are Canadian; we can handle it.

Eat light. With the weather getting colder, we tend to eat heavier foods (more starch, less protein and big meals at night).

Eat a dinner that fits on your plate so that you

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