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2013 Veloster

2013 Sonata Hybrid

Julian works out to increase energy and re-

duces stress from, as he puts it, "the constant battle that is the financial markets." Julian's advice to amateur investors or trad-

ers "is to be disciplined and never give up. Just like anything in life, you must learn through experience." He adds "Like a professional ath- lete, after doing an exercise for years, it begins to become natural for them to do that repetitive exercise." Inquisitive mind body and soul equally dedi-

cated to achieving a thought, always encouraged and supported by his parents, Julian Marchese is an example of investment in oneself. With his 'rock solid' foundation and passion to succeed, there's no hedging bets on this guy!


300 Dundas Street, East Mississauga, ON L5A 1W9 Rick Wilson

905-279-3031 2013 Tuscon


Today’s School for Tomorrow’s World Ray Rabbat B

efore his retirement, Ray Rabbat, spent long hours working at his desk. Fitness routines enabled him to, as he puts it- "stay in reasonable shape and at the

same time, cope with stress." He is self motivat- ed to stay healthy and appreciates a great walk- ing trail! His second favourite activity would be his indoor fitness program. Ray did everything right, and yet he suf-

fered a heart attack and had quadruple bypass surgery. What is amazing is that he recovered very quickly. What's even more amazing is that his heart muscles were not damaged, which he attributes to his fitness level. He continues to stay fit and uses a heart rate monitor to elevate his heart rate to 145 BPM, while on cardio machines, and includes weights and a stretch- ing program. He's recently added therapeutic yoga once a week, which he says has been "very beneficial to his wellbeing." He acknowledges that without exercise, he would "feel bad." He's calmer, and stronger and acknowledges his good fortune and successful recovery is the result of his fitness regime, - and his encouraging wife!

Enriched Private Education

Pre-K (2.8 yrs.) to Gr. 8

Challenging Academic Curriculum - 21st Century Skills

Varsity Sports / Drama / Theatre / Fine Arts / Instrumental Music Choirs

Before / After School Care ● Excellence ●

● Opportunity ● ● Leadership ●

Gle~burnie Scªool 2035 Upper Middle Rd. East at Ford Drive,Oakville (905) 338-6236 FALL 2012 CLUBLIFE 23

Cooksville Hyundai 2013 Genesis

Passionate about Service Committed to Value

25 years at the Same Location

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