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Registered savings and pension plans are a waste of time if you lose your health or life before you reach your retirement years.


e have never had so much informa- tion on how our bodies work, func- tion and heal yet we are collectively in the worst shape ever. 63% of the

American population is overweight, and 31% are obese. The U.S. Surgeon General reports obesity is responsible for 300,000 deaths every year. To put it simply, in the US, obesity has be- come the new smoking. But here’s a wake up call. We’ve been point-

ing our fingers at our southern neighbours for too long without looking in the mirror. The real- ity is that here in Canada we are not far behind. And this includes men, women and, unfortu- nately, our children. The results of the Canadian Community

Health Survey show a frightening trend. Back in 1979, 3% of children aged two to seven were considered obese. By 2004, 8%, or an esti- mated 500,000 children, fell into this category. Amongst adults, the growth in obesity was even more dramatic. In 1979 the adult obesity rate was 14%. A quarter of a century later, 5.5 mil- lion individuals, representing 23% of adults in Canada, were obese in 2004. Think about it. . .what will happen when our unhealthy and obese kids become of child bearing years and produce genetically unhealthy children? In all likelihood, life expectancy will diminish and preventable disease and negative health condition (such as car- diovascular strain and diabetes) will soar, causing our health system to crumble.

Building a nest egg or buying an annuity for your 80s and 90s makes no sense for people whose lifestyle will kill them in their 50s and 60s.

38 CLUBLIFE FALL 2012 Unfortunately, we are a society of accep-

tance. Until approximately 2009, the standard in Canada that determined obesity was 30% body fat. In 2010, this changed to 33%, due to the fact that a large number of Canadians had reached this mark.

So what can we do

about this perceivable epidemic? If you represent one of the statistics above,

you need to commit to yourself, comply with the follow up routine and accept the work that

it will take to find your optimal weight. Finally, you need to educate yourself. Building a nest egg or buying an annuity for

your 80’s and 90’s makes no sense for people whose lifestyle will kill them in their 50s and 60s. Nature wreaks enough havoc, but when too much food, booze and cigarettes and too little exercise are added, former selves disappear be- hind fat, bad complexions and slumping shapes. If you’re fortunate enough to have a stock-

broker or financial advisor, worry if he or she isn’t also a fitness and health advocate. With the Toronto and New York stock mar-

kets now raging bulls, brokers are pushing and praising growth stocks as the only investment that

consistently outperforms inflation. His-

tory warns us that a market correction or crash is around the corner but financial advisors are right when they say that unless you invest in the market, you have no chance of striking it rich. So too, with fitness. If you don’t invest in your body, you are sure to lose out.

With so much conflicting information healthy living has become complicated. Your solution must be a natural extension of yourself, and your own individual needs. ORC’s new Optimal Wellness Weight Loss Program is simple and manageable—no prepackaged food, counting calories or low calorie diets. It is not a diet, it is an individual lifestyle program that is focused on finding your optimal weight and body fat percentage through education and lifestyle


justments and through these changes maintaining opti- mal weight and a healthy active lifestyle. Find out how to get the body nature intended you to have and maintain it for life. Don’t hesitate. Invest in

your health so you are able to enjoy all the wonderful things it provides. For more information about the Optimal Wellness Weight Loss Program, contact Gloria Atkinson on 905 822 5240 ext 276.

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