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Register online at or by calling 888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536).

The teachers will be available to answer ques- tions of specific interest to students as they arise during our practice sessions. Professional mas- sage experience is highly recommended for this advanced level class.

Please visit www.deepbodywork.comfor more information.

Recommended viewing: (DVD) Deep Bodywork I: Healing the Back, Shoulders and Hips, available at

CE credit for bodyworkers; see page 113.

Perry Holloman has been a teacher and practitioner of Esalen® Massage, Deep Bodywork, and body-ori- ented approaches to Gestalt therapy for more than 20 years. He teaches in the US, Asia, and Europe, and makes his home in Big Sur, Calif.

Johanna Holloman is a German-born clinical psy- chologist, Diamond Approach® teacher, and certified Esalen® Massage and Deep Bodywork instructor, teaching at Esalen and internationally. She is a yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and created the Esalen In-house Yoga training program.

I-You-Us: Pleasure, Intimacy and the Search for Connectedness

Terry Hunt

This workshop is about healthy relationships— in love, in friendship, in daily life. The focus is on how to nurture our own vitality in situations where we long for connections that are more real, more safe, or more rewarding.

Pleasure is essential for healthy relationships. Add the erotic element and the potential for pleasure grows exponentially. But whether in love or friendship, in same- or opposite-gender relationships, the reality of sustaining delight in one another is often a mystery and a struggle. We substitute old avoidance patterns for intima- cy as we play out the Good Girl and Super Guy roles we developed during traumatic childhoods and adolescences. Or we repeatedly act out of fear, sadness, or rage, keeping our relationships locked in the “cultural missionary position.” Giving up carefully honed pain-avoidant habits releases new energies for the pursuit of personal fulfillment in relationships.

This workshop is designed to help you identify myths that block the flow of joy. Terry Hunt writes, “Together we will redefine the role of pleasure in our lives and create updated images of our sexual and sensual selves. We will explore new language that more honestly communi- cates our desires. We will encourage each other to approach our gender gaps with intention

rather than fear, assertion rather than suspicion. We will follow our instincts for pleasure into moments of wholeness.”

Come alone or with an intimate.

Recommended reading: Hunt & Paine-Gernée, Emotional Healing and Secrets to Tell, Secrets to Keep.

CE credit available for psychologists (pending); see page 113. CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs; see page 113. CE credit for nurses; see page 113.

Terry Hunt is a licensed psychologist and certified Bioenergetic therapist with a private practice in Boston. He is coauthor of Emotional Healing, Secrets to Tell, Secrets to Keep, and Addiction as Transformation. His life work revolves around the enhancement of vitality in everyday lives.

October 12–19

The Future of the Body: A Continuum Workshop Emilie Conrad

Since 1967, Emilie Conrad has been a pioneer in somatic studies. She founded Continuum, through which she teaches that as humans we are fundamentally an expression of an emergent planetary process. Our bodies are a continuum of a boundless intelligence that permeates every cell, every nerve fiber, every neuron with the memory of its own source.

Cells thrive through communal resonance, cre- ating a range of inclusion that increases their function and viability. Cellular resonance at the human level allows for a larger body in which a greater field carries the opportunity of restora- tive health.

Vocal sounds are used to stir the magnificent fluid that resides within our tissues. When awakened, the primary choreographer of our bio-sphere begins its remarkable dance as our bodies become glistening examples of timeless shifts.

We learn that our spines are our “cosmic anten- nae” as we adventure through the miracle of undulating vertebral play. Our heads become chambers of discovery, our throats the song of trees and wind, our hands and feet reflect the nuanced array of unburdened movements—we are now free to move among the many streams of what it means to be alive.

Like awakening from a deep sleep, we compre- hend that our systems were designed to contin- ue interactions with the environment far

The Artplane Painting Workshop: Artful Life

Nicholas Wilton & Jennie Oppenheimer

This workshop is a playful exploration of the creative image-making process. Utilizing imagery inspired from our own personal stories and life experience, we will engage in a hands- on exploration of fundamental painting princi- ples. Throughout the week, we will work on a series of small paintings on wood panels, often working on several pieces simultaneously, leav- ing little time to worry about success or failure. We will also explore how themes of change and spontaneity enable us to create our own unique artwork, and illuminate life lessons inherent in the creative process. We seek to engage both sides of the brain, inviting mistakes, intuition, and spontaneity, along with our knowledge of the six Artplane principles: value, design, color, texture, risk, and soul. Generous time will be given for experimentation with new tools, medi- ums, and techniques. Join us as we celebrate a process of inspiration, reclamation, and the jour- ney of self-discovery through painting. This workshop is designed for people from a wide variety of disciplines. All skill levels are wel- come. For more information, visit

($80 materials fee paid directly to leaders includes everything needed for the course)

Nicholas Wilton’s paintings have graced best-selling book covers, children’s books, editorial and corporate print media, in addition to gallery exhibitions and private collections. Developer of the Artplane Workshop, he has taught in such places as Esalen, Tokyo, and Sundance, Utah.


beyond time/space. Like trees growing their roots farther into the earth with branches that spread eagerly toward the sky, we, in fact, have the same ability and purpose. It is time for us to claim our birthright and its future. For more information about Continuum, please visit

Please note: Advance approval and prior Continuum experience is required. Please con- tact the Continuum Studio and speak to Donna at 310-593-4651 before registering for this course. Participants are encouraged to register early.

CE credit for bodyworkers; see page 113.

Emilie Conrad is the founder of Continuum. Her work has been incorporated by international profes- sionals in rolfing, craniosacral, osteopathy, physical therapy, dance, and psychoneuroimmunology, among others. Emilie is the author of Life on Land.

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