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we use this concept of unity in our daily lives to reach our goals and to create a stronger commu- nity where we can find an organic, supporting, and supportive role? Many of us have been to psychics and healers to help us find our way or heal our physical, psychological, and spiritual wounds, but how do we use these modalities as a living practice in our lives and communities?

“In this workshop you will be taught intuitive and healing practices that you can put into prac- tice in your daily life and in your interactions with others. Working together as a community we will explore different intuitive and healing modalities as we work with one another to heal specific areas of our body, lives, and spirits.”

Within each of us is a psychic, a healer, and a teacher. Drawing from her six books on intu- ition and healing, Laura Day will participate with you in creating a supportive community of healers and intuitives who can be a reciprocal source of guidance and support for the rest of your lives.

vous systems in infancy. By early childhood, conflicting intentions distort these patterns. Feeling powerless, we attempt to survive and to win love by figuring out “the rules.” The result- ing strategies may protect us as children, but, deeply ingrained in our muscular postures and movements, they imprison us as adults and limit our choices. They remain outside of aware- ness, causing discomfort and limitation.

By reeducating the brain-muscle-emotion con- nection, restrictions in movement can be released, freeing lifelong behaviors that have organized around that movement, and restoring freedom of choice. The protective postures alter, deeply affecting the body’s habitual defense sys- tem and allowing a higher level of energy.

This workshop begins the process of relearning the ease, fluidity, and openness taken for grant- ed as a child and lost somewhere along the way. It is for the sedentary; for the active who want to increase physical skills and reduce risk of injury; for those dealing with aftereffects of injury or emotional trauma, and the profession- als who work with them; for the chronically tired and stressed who want to take better care of their necks, shoulders, and backs; and for those who want to improve their posture, flexi- bility, and breathing while deepening their sense of connection and belonging.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing; no jeans or belts please.

Please note: There will be a property-wide celebra- tion on July 4th.


CE credit for bodyworkers; see page 113. CE credit for nurses; see page 113.

Sybil Krauter teaches Integrated Awareness® and Cortical Field Reeducation® internationally. Her background is in education, clinical hypnosis, and neurolinguistic programming. Currently her focus is on how we create reality.

Ellen Kindl began Harriet Goslins’ Cortical Field Reeducation® as an attempt to control chronic pain after a 21-hour surgery to fuse 14 vertebra. It worked, she was certified as a teacher in 2000, and has taught at Esalen and other locations nationally since then.

Melissa Krikorian, MPT is a physical therapist and CFR® practitioner with a 20-year private practice. She conducts CFR intensives at her Westlake Village, Calif. clinic and co-teaches CFR workshops at Esalen.

Weekend of July 6–8

Practical Intuition: The Intuitive Lifestyle Laura Day

“Science, spirituality, and psychology are com- ing together in the 21st century to illuminate a single concept: we share a unified energy field,” says Laura Day. “We have scientists exploring telepathy, doctors exploring faith, and psychics in the law enforcement and business world. There is no ‘para’ in psychology anymore and new paradigms are addressing a more complete understanding of the human condition. How do

Important Note: Intuition lends itself to direct, clear insight. This workshop can be very con- frontational and sometimes uncomfortable. Please be sure you are able to approach this work with that in mind, and are willing to push your boundaries (and have your boundaries pushed). For more information about Laura Day and her work, visit

Laura Day has taught at Esalen Insitute for more than two decades. A New York Times bestselling author of six books on intuition in business, love, and healing, Laura travels the world creating communi- ties of intuitives and healers.www.practicalintu-

Brain Integration and Self-Development: Ericksonian Hypnosis Seminars

Dan Short

What if someone told you that you must climb a tall mountain but with one hand tied behind your back, or with your eyes closed? Would you accept? Most would not because we recognize the importance of using all of our available resources to meet complex challenges. However, many people limit themselves when it comes to the use of the brain. The problem is that modern education and culture do not prepare individu- als to address life’s problems with the full capaci- ty of the brain. Rather, it is the left-hemisphere that is developed (i.e. the logical-speech-orient- ed center of the brain). Not knowing any better, we sometimes turn off entire regions of the brain, thus limiting our overall functionality


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