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Non-stop performance: New sounders from Bosch guarantee uniterrupted alarm

Zicom’s Office Alarm System

Zicom has introduced an Office Alarm System. Armed with one of the most sophisticated technolo- gies and a user-friendly applica- tion, this device is a deterrent to any attempts of break-in to one’s office/house. Backed by an emer- gency response service-iAlert 24x7, the Office Alarm System acts as virtual security guard throughout the year keeping your worries at bay whether you are at home or away.

Komatsu twin circuits

on mini excavators Komatsu has introduced twin auxiliary circuits that can be fit- ted to its mini excavators MR-3. Consumers now have the option of using factory-fitted double auxiliary circuits to the models

Bosch Security Systems is broad- ening its portfolio of sounders by adding the model series FNM- 420U to its existing range. The new devices guarantee a safe, instantaneous and uninterrupted alarm signal. This is the case even when the power supply is disrupt- ed simultaneously on both sides of the device and the transmis- sion path has been permanently destructed by, for example, fire. In doing so, the devices exceed the requirements of the VdS 2095 standard.

This standard, introduced and upheld by Germany’s independ-

ent company for loss prevention (VdS), allows an interruption of the alarm for a maximum of five seconds in case of loop errors. This tech- nical innovation also allows for an uninterrupted alarm signal on stubs. Thanks to a low consumption of power, up to 100 notification appli- ances can be connected to the LSN-Ring, which saves loop modules.

PC30MR-3, 35, 45 and 55. The circuits are controlled by a double slider on the machine’s proportional pressure controlled (PPC) joysticks. the circuits serves dual purpose; one circuit can be used to operate attachments such as tilt buckets or hydraulic breakers, while the second, lower

pressure circuit is designed for applications such the rotating function on a roto-tilting attach- ment, a clamshell bucket, or for demolition tools. The two circuits can also be used independently, with a maximum pressure of 70 l/min on the first line and 25 l/min on the second.

Kobelco Cranes first 100t crawler crane ‘CKL1000i’ for India Market

Kobelco Cranes has launched its first 100-tonne-capacity crawler crane, ‘CKL1000i,’ designed for the Indian market. The first In- dian model ‘CKL1000i’ was ex- hibited at the Excon exhibition in Bangalore, last November. . Kobelco has been construct- ing its first overseas production plant to produce crawler cranes

in Andhra Pradesh state in India. Trial operations are to commence at the end of November and the plant will go into full-scale operation from early next year. Kobelco plans to manufacture the CKL1000i at the new facility. Demand in India for crawler

cranes is expected to expand on the back of India’s high economic

growth and strong infrastructure investment. Kobelco’s new pro- duction plant will be able to grasp market needs and respond rapidly with the production of crawler cranes in the over-100-tonne class, a category in which Kobelco excels, by maximising the advan- tages of local production in the Indian market.

GIREM 101 47

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