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Crisis Management

used to a reactive approach for DR. It is important to devise your IT roadmap and strategy to build a solid DR plan assessing critical- ity and assign percent of weight- ages to each aspect so that one can clearly define a scalable approach with various models of DR that are available to optimize cost and make sure goals are met.”

Professional Disaster

Assessment and Business Impact Analysis, Strategic Data Backup Management, Traditional DR so- lutions, DR as a Services (DRaaS) using Cloud Computing platform and Alternate Work Area Recov- ery Services. Organizations are becoming extremely conscious about data protection and privacy of client’s information and confi- dential documents.

Only after disaster can we be resur-

rected.” ~ American freelance Journalist, Satirist and Novelist, Chuck Palahniuk.

As a global leader in print and digital corporate information solutions, Williams Lea takes ex- treme care in safeguarding infor- mation such as internal policies, regulations, terms of conditions of service, agreements etc. as they are an intangible asset of for both Williams Lea and the client. “Our company has developed three support systems in order to handle disasters and to ensure continu- ity of operations. In the cold site recovery service, the company has entered into an agreement with a vendor to ensure that the service is continued to be provided to a client without interruption.

Recovery Services Today, more organizations are adopting BCM formally as a part of their long-term business strategy and in India, few busi- ness organizations have stepped in to offer professional BC & DR services covering areas of Risk

32 GIREM 101

Tis is done by making use of the assets and infrastructure at the vendor’s facility. If there is a disruption in the original site, the cold site exists so that the data can be relocated easily. Te cold site recovery service is a reflec- tion of the original work area site using wide area network links and specialized soſtware. For example, if a particular site becomes inop- erable, the organization can move its operations to the cold site. Te cold area recovery site has all the equipments required to continue its business operations, including furniture, computer equipments and telephone jacks.

Under the hot site recovery ser-

vice, the employees are encour- aged to extend their working hours to suit that of the clients’ as they are located in London or New York. Also, the company sends its employees to provide onsite service, if the client is present in India. Te employees will visit the work place of the client to assess the problem and resolve the is- sue. Te disaster recovery service provided by Williams Lea helps to maintain data integrity of clients by streamlining operations and enhancing performance,” says Venkatesh, CFO, Williams Lea India.

Number Crunching Te DR market is pegged to reach a staggering amount of $39 bil- lion by 2050 and in India, the market is set to touch $75 million by 2014 which speaks volume for the potential and focus of disas- ter recovery. “Interestingly when you talk of DR one might think of

Amit Abhyankar

AVP-Practice-DR & BCServices Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd

tsunamis and earthquakes but sta- tistics prove that 90% of disasters are manmade. Companies spend about 80% of their budget protect- ing 20% of their data and still have 80% of their data unprotected.

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