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Transportation Optimising transport through GPS By Bindu Gopal Rao

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based satellite navigation system and a technol- ogy that is being extensively used in transportation today. You can also track vehicular speed, traffic, time spent and route cars accord- ingly.

How it works Use of GPS devices is gaining

momentum in India and today all sorts of GPS devices are available from aviation, marine, handheld, fitness to in-car and even apps for your smartphone. They are easy to use as they come with the maps of the cities and areas and you just have to enter the place you want to go and the device will select the route for you. Some de- vices also come with multi-point route planner that automatically sorts multiple destinations into an efficient route.

needed. With an added invest- ment of GPS, you get returns over a very short period of time and you know that your driver is not wasting time, you can cut costs on fuel, manage time properly and optimize your supply chain man- agement,” explains Champ Alreja, Founder and Director, HitPlay De-

Sunil Purushotham, Founder & Managing Director, Data- Voice Solutions

vices Pvt. Ltd. Vehicle Transporta- tion System (VTS) is a GPS system which is an excellent way for fleet owners and managers to moni- tor their cars, trucks, or vehicles effectively.

Alreja, Founder and Director, HitPlay Devices Pvt. Ltd

“For goods, you can route a truck and schedule it to pick up and drop off and, when and where

20 GIREM 101

“Monitoring is not just getting the address and seeing the vehicle on map but also getting other real time details like speed, stops, mileage, route changes, detailed analysis and exceptions of trips. VTS allows administrators to com- municate with the fleet drivers using direct SMS. A full coverage of maps and availability of ap- plication over web and mobiles means fleet data is always on the fingertips.

Normally a GPS vehicle tracking system will consist of a tracking device placed inside a vehicle along with a central server and software that lets the user track the fleet from headquarters. The information is relayed using geo- stationary positioning satellites that give any fleet vehicle’s speed, position and direction of travel. The device inside the vehicle transmits its position at regular intervals in order to remain up to date at all times. The interval is usually around every two to 15 minutes depending upon the manufacturer’s and owner’s pref- erences,” says Sunil Purushotham, Founder & Managing Director, DataVoice Solutions.

Solutions Tcop an innovative GSM-technol-

ogy based vehicle security and tracking solution is a device fitted in the vehicle to be tracked and it

Mallesh Reddy, Founder and CEO, iTrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

contains a GSM communication

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