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IBM introduces new predictive analytics services and software to reduce fraud

IBM announced new consulting services and software that take the power of predictive analytics to new levels of impact for the highest-priority issues of C-suite decision makers. The new analytic offerings address the emerging opportunities of big data to man- age financial operations, decrease fraud and nurture next-genera- tion customer relationships.

Based on experiences drawn from more than 20,000 analytics engagements, the new solutions combine innovations developed by IBM Research with new predic- tive technologies from dozens of companies IBM has acquired.

IBM will significantly broaden the group of clients – specifically C-suite leaders – who can adopt analytics, extending IBM’s lead- ership position in the strategic

market for business analytics. IDC estimates enterprises will invest more than $120 billion by 2015 to capture the business impact of analytics, across hardware, soft- ware and services.

“These new capabilities target the agendas of global business leaders operating in a world of accelerating complexity, unpre- dictability and massively available information,” said Bridget van Kralingen, senior vice president, IBM Global Business Services. “By integrating analytics into business processes and converting new insights into action, IBM is helping organizations transform big data from a threat into an opportunity, one that will be their most valu- able natural resource.”

Enterprises across all industries are under increased pressure to

smartXS ‘access and time attendance’ compact system

Smart Electronic Systems has a range of ‘Access and Identifica- tion’ products. From design and manufacture to maintenance and support, Smart I provides a total solution to meet the unique needs of today’s organi- zations. The product range offers bespoke, integrated solutions for businesses of every size and type. smartXS is compact and robust ‘Access and Time Attendance’ system. In current scenario where security requirements are becoming stringent, smartXS

46 GIREM 101

gration with conventional prox- imity, Mifare, HID and biometric readers. The controller provides a range of additional features such as anti-passback, and ac- cess time zones.

Card User Capacity from 2000 - 10,000 Transaction Records from 6000 - 30,000

provides different access control and Identification systems to meet modern security needs. Since all access control decisions are made at the controller level, the system is not dependant on the host PC for normal opera- tion. It provides seamless inte-

Door Configuration from Stan- dalone to Multi-door applica- tions.

User Friendly software with detailed attendance features available for LAN as well as Web- Enabled applications. Compatible with (HID iCLASS & Mifare (13.56 Mhz) , HID Prox- point & EM (125 KHz).

extract new insights from the explosion of available data. To address this imperative, IBM has expanded its multi-billion dollar investment in business analytics to address three vital client issues – fraud detection, financial opera- tions and customer service – and help organizations increase rev- enues. The IBM Smarter Analytics Signature Solutions include: •

IBM Smarter Analytics

Signature Solution – Anti-fraud, Waste & Abuse IBM’s adaptive systems learn from the latest data, helping to protect against emerging fraud. The solu- tion embeds advanced algorithms directly into business processes, providing government agencies and insurers with the ability to detect fraud in real time – before funds are paid out.

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