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NEWS The AMX DVX-3156HD is an all-in-one presentation switcher

KNX module for smoke alarm


Managing assets is made easier


The Resource Management Suite (RMS) from AMX is said to have become much more flexible and virtually maintenance-free with the arrival of RMS Cloud. Now, much of the functionality of RMS can be taken advantage of without installing and managing physical infrastructure. As a Cloud-based software

service, acquisition of RMS AV asset management is claimed to be easier than before, and no longer requires on-site server setup and management. AMX is also demonstrating the

capabilities of its new standalone Quick Response Scheduling (QRS)

function, which offers RMS Server users a simple, cost-effective way to provide a view of every RMS-managed room schedule on any mobile device – simply by scanning the QR code mounted near the room entrance. The ninth and 10th model

configurations of AMX’s Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switcher, the DVX-3156HD-SP and DVX- 3156HD-T, are also on display. Featuring four built-in AMX DXLink distance transport inputs, these latest models are suited to supporting conference rooms, classrooms and flexible meeting spaces requiring multiple distant connection points. Stand: 1-F2, 1-F6

The new KNX module for the Dual/VdS smoke alarm device from Gira integrates it into the KNX system. Using this module, fault messages from a smoke detector can be registered and their origins can be linked to specific rooms, enabling purposeful initial countermeasures. In case of fire, blinds and

shutters are then raised automatically and windows are opened. The front door is also unlocked and lights along the escape route are switched on. Also, current warnings are displayed on the Gira control panels. Gira says it offers the

electrical trade the opportunity to gain the specialist knowledge required for the DIN 14676 certification easily and conveniently with the new Gira Smoke Alarm Devices online distance course. Stand: 7-P180

The new US series Networkable Active Loudspeaker from manufacturer C-Mark Audio integrates network transmission, remote control and monitoring, digital signal processing, along with Class D amplifiers to drive high and low frequencies separately. Users can remotely switch

on/off, monitor loudspeaker temperature/driver voltage/current, set up the DSP and remotely receive network audio signal on a PC, using a Cat5 cable and RJ45 connector to transmit, control and monitor the audio signal. The speakers offer complete protection (short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over- and under- voltage protection, DC protection, power limit, temperature limit, long time output power limit, clipping limit), and have a safe output dynamic compress function and temperature protect circuit.

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Robust active speaker range launches

C-MARK AUDIO The coaxial driver uses a one-

magnet-dual-loop technology, with the tweeter and bass diaphragm sounding in the same axis, so that treble and bass sound synchronously with no time difference, giving an even sound field distribution. Both the horizontal and vertical dispersion angle are 120°. There are three models. The 10in has a 1.35in tweeter, while the 12in and 15in units have 1.75in tweeters. They have, respectively, 50W, 80W and 100W RMS HF output power, and 150W, 220W and 300W RMS LF output power. Stand: 12-E80

The 400W, 300W and 200W C-Mark US series speakers

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