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PRE-SHOW EVENTS Making connections

For the first time in 2014, ISE is running an inaugural Investor Showcase in conjunction with Go4Venture Advisers, a London-based investment banking boutique focused on emerging technology companies

GO4VENTURE’S Investor Showcase will mix innovative companies from the integrated systems market with financial and strategic investors. This invitation-only event will be held on Monday 3 February, the day prior to the opening of the ISE exhibition. The aim is to help emerging and rapidly expanding companies broaden their investor networks and grow their businesses. Particular emphasis is being placed on companies involved in the areas of Smart Buildings, Residential Solutions, Unified Communications and Digital Signage.

Jean-Michel Deligny, managing

director of Go4Venture, explains the value of the event: “The Investor Showcase is designed to place ISE exhibitors looking for additional funding in front of the investor community, whether they are ISE exhibitors or contacts from Go4Venture’s network which includes venture capitalists, private equity firms, companies and service providers. There are no country restrictions or single criterion for inclusion of participant companies; just a determination and desire to expand their businesses through help and participation of external investors and advisers.” The event will consist of companies presenting their business organisation, past performance and strategies to an assembled audience of invited investors, allowing them to introduce their management teams and business credentials and explaining how they are

Go4Venture MD Jean-Michel Deligny looks forward keenly to ISE 2014

number of them and invite them to present on the day.” The selection process will depend upon the company being able to demonstrate a number of characteristics applicable to successful organisations in this industry. These include: involvement in a fast-growing market, their quality of innovation, defensibility of their product or service against strong competition, the experience and make-up of their management team, previous and successful financial performance measured by revenue, growth and/or profitability. In addition, the company will have to stand up to independent third-party scrutiny

Successful participants will be shortlisted from those who applied via the applications website and their summary details added to a public profile on the website. This will include brief financials and a short description, along with the ‘Go4Venture View’ providing a snapshot of the opportunities and challenges identified in each business. This will be made available to investors and the general public. Putting developments in

context, Deligny remarks: “Go4Venture has already placed funds in excess of $500 million over a period of more than 10 years. Working closely with ISE to organise this Investor Showcase

“Working with ISE to organise this

Investor Showcase event provides a

great opportunity to connect with interesting

companies in this space... we are very excited about this inaugural event”

event provides a great opportunity for us to connect with interesting companies in this space. As an active member of this ecosystem, we aim to become an indispensable intermediary between entrepreneurs looking to meet qualified investors, both financial and strategic; and investors looking for new and original ideas. Beyond the more traditional brokerage role, we provide value added advice to tech companies, helping structure discussions and define strategies to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. For these reasons, we are very excited to partner up with ISE for this inaugural event.”

excellent candidates for consideration for future funding. “It is, in effect, the elevator

pitch, a short presentation to a willing audience of investors, all of whom are hoping to find something of interest that they can become involved in,” says Deligny. “The procedure is that we ask potential companies to log onto our website and fill out a short form explaining and detailing their current organisation and activities, financial performance and strategy. We will select a small

and validation before finally being invited to present at the showcase. “The audience will consist of a

mixture of investors, industry peers, attendees who have already registered for ISE 2014 as exhibitors or participants, and visitors who have expressed an interest in attending the event. Everyone is welcome to register to attend, but given the limited number of tickets we reserve the right to select attendees in order to keep the right balance between companies presenting, investors and the general public.”

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