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ISE’s new business service, M2D (standing for Manufacturer to Distributor) launches in 2014, connecting two key parts of the industry ecosystem with the help of digital-signage software from ISE exhibitor 2Signage. The application will be shown on a number of large LCD screens placed in areas of high traffic, including entrance halls, business lounge, corridors, and close to the popular and well-frequented bars and cafes throughout the RAI exhibition complex. It will feature scrolling lists of manufacturers seeking distribution representatives with contact details so that introductions can be made on the show floor. “As well as delivering a much- needed state-of-the-art method of matching manufacturing principles with sales organisations as a replacement to the outmoded and inefficient notice boards, the technology demonstrates how 2Signage software modules can be quickly and easily developed to deliver real-time information,” says Holger Dahl, 2Signage’s managing director. Distributors attracted by the

screens can instantly download a full list of available opportunities directly onto their tablet or smartphone by simply scanning the QR code displayed on the screen. Alternatively, they can visit the 2Signage stand in Hall 8 (stand 8-K275) to download the full list. Once downloaded, the would-be distributor can search through all the opportunities in their own time on a country-by- country basis and make their own plans to visit potential collaborating manufacturers. The service will be available throughout the whole period of

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A new service will be launched at ISE 2014, designed to match manufacturers seeking regional representation of their products with potential distributors

2Signage managing director Holger Dahl spies exciting potential for the M2D application at ISE 2014

the ISE show and will allow interested distributors to visit individual manufacturers for immediate discussions and to make arrangements for future meetings to agree terms of representation. “M2D is being provided to ISE

exhibitors and visitors as a free service, as a practical demonstration of the effectiveness of pertinent information at a high-profile event,” continues Dahl. “We have already developed the application through the versatile custom modules incorporated in the 2Signage digital signage software suite which allows connection to almost any form of

“M2D is being provided to ISE exhibitors and visitors as a free service, as a practical demonstration of the effectiveness of pertinent information at a high-profile event”

structured data. It is a straightforward and very effective way to show the power of a database-driven application in a real situation. And, of course, both manufacturers and distributors attending ISE 2014 will be able to benefit greatly from this solution, so it is an all-round winning solution.” Manufacturers interested in advertising their distribution requirements can do so simply by logging onto their exhibitor area of the ISE 2014 website and filling out the appropriate section of their exhibitor data with the category of product to be supported, contact name and the territory of activity required.

Each exhibitor may enter up to six separate entries which should be sufficient to cover most, if not all, organisations attending and exhibiting at the show. “The response has already been fantastic,” proclaims Dahl. “We added the facility to the ISE website just eight weeks ago and have already received several hundred entries. There are still several weeks to go before the show and we expect many more to be added during that period. The facility will be available right up to and during the show itself, when we expect the highest level of insertions to be made. Each screen around the exhibition hall will show a scrolling list of vacancies and distribution requirements of manufacturers attending the exhibition and with that amount of data it will take quite some time to cycle completely through the full list. So we don’t expect many people to stand and watch the whole range, rather it should serve as a flavour of the types of opportunity open to them and encourage them to scan the QR code for the full, up-to-date list.” A key element of the system lies in the highly secure nature of the 2Signage system. Dahl: “2Signage is a product of 2Safer GmbH, a software company specialising in product and service management with clients among the largest organisations in the telecommunications and transportation industries. 2Signage makes use of 2Safer’s standard SaaS architecture, which has been proven for several years and has been designed on the principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability.” Stand: 8-K275

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