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Kick-starting the market for building automation

AT 6:00PM ON Monday 3 February in the Forum of the Amsterdam RAI, Dr Dirk Schlesinger, global lead for manufacturing industries of Cisco Consulting Services, will present the Opening Keynote Address of ISE 2014. Titled ‘Kick-Starting the

Market for Building Automation’, Schlesinger’s speech will give attendees an exclusive insight into how a new cross-industry initiative set up by Cisco, ABB, Bosch and LG could transform the world of ‘smart’ building technology by offering a common standard for data exchange across multiple appliances and disciplines. “In October 2013, Cisco, ABB, Bosch and LG signed a memorandum of understanding to explore the development of a common, open and discrimination-free platform to unite diverse services such as lighting control, energy management, security, healthcare and, not least, audiovisual entertainment and communication,” Schlesinger explains. “In my Opening Keynote

Address at ISE 2014, I will explain how this platform will enable new business models, giving equipment manufacturers, software developers, service providers, systems integrators and other businesses in the ecosystem the tools they need to kick-start the market for home and building automation.” The initiative calls for existing protocols to be used by the new

tools wherever possible. Once the operating company for the platform has been incorporated, the aim is that compatible appliances will communicate with each other over radio networks such as WiFi and Zigbee, and over other wired connections such as KNX. ‘Customer premise

equipment’ within a building would then manage all the individual appliances and create a secure internet link to Cloud- based services, with any unit being able to perform this function, regardless of manufacturer, provided it runs on software that satisfies the relevant standard. In his role as global lead for manufacturing industries at Cisco Consulting Services – the management and technology consulting organisation of Cisco set up in the summer of 2013 – Dr Schlesinger is perfectly placed to deliver a visionary speech on the topic of home and building automation. Prior to assuming his current position, he led the manufacturing team of Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) and chaired the IBSG Asia Pacific Team – covering a range of industries including telecom service providers, financial services, consumer goods, the public sector and manufacturing. Before joining Cisco in 2005, Schlesinger was vice president and partner of Boston Consulting Group. An aerospace engineer by training, he holds an MBA from the University of


Dirk Schlesinger to deliver exclusive Opening Keynote Address

California, Berkeley and a doctorate in mathematics from the Universität Mannheim, Germany. He currently also serves on the board of the Centre for Future Energy Business at Erasmus Universiteit, Rotterdam, Netherlands. “The initiative that Cisco and its partners ABB, Bosch and LG have started offers huge potential for the business leaders, owners and managers who attend ISE,” comments Mike Blackman, managing director, Integrated Systems Events. “While the emphasis is on

promoting interoperability in the smart home, it’s clear that this initiative will have applications in commercial buildings as well, making it the perfect topic for a show that serves both markets such as Integrated Systems Europe. “The initiative’s timeline calls for an EU-wide launch in mid- 2015, with the platform being made available to developers during 2014.

“ISE’s Opening Keynote

Dirk Schlesinger will present a ‘visionary speech’ on home and building automation

Address will be the first occasion on which the business model is outlined in detail in front of an international B2B audience, and it is a measure of our event’s status that Dr Schlesinger has offered to make space in his schedule to deliver his talk on the eve of ISE 2014.” As in previous years, the Opening Keynote Address, together with the Opening Reception that follows it at 7.00pm, is free to attend for all pre-registered ISE visitors.

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