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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT THURSDAY 6 FEBRUARY 2014 10:00 - 11:00 Speaker: Hartmut Berberich

Challenges in 4K Colour Calibration The arrival of 4K resolution, new colour spaces, new signal formats and OLED display technology has created challenges in colour calibration. Learn how to incorporate these new factors into your adjustment and calibration procedures. The session will explore whether the same calibration techniques used for 2K display, REC 709, can be used with new colour spaces, such as SONY xvYCC or ITU-R BT.2020 and what new procedures are needed. Other topics include how does OLED technology change calibration?, What is the impact of HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort and HDBaseT, and easy procedures for adjusting (no calibration) the display, or sink, for the colour space provided by the source device

Room D204 11:30 - 12:30 Speaker: Joe Cornwall, technology evangelist, C2G Inc

The 5 Technologies That Will Define the Next 5 Years in AV It is widely understood that analogue AV connectivity faces a short future with a rapidly declining applicability. Most industry experts agree that composite, component and VGA AV connections will be largely irrelevant and obsolete by 2017. With a digital future rapidly approaching, it is critical that system integrators, designers, owners and operators understand the infrastructure and connectivity choices that are necessary to facilitate a smooth and seamless transition into the next generation of A/V technology. In this presentation we will explore the five technologies, both wired and wireless, that will deliver the greatest effect on deployment of the last 100 metres of digital video infrastructure over the next five years.

10:00 - 11:00 Speaker: Joe Cornwall, technology evangelist, C2G Inc

Understanding USB for AV Applications Universal Serial Bus is a lot more than a way to connect your keyboard to your computer. USB is being used to control a multitude of devices such as video and image annotators, scanners, document cameras, interactive whiteboards and other devices. USB also transfers files and is common in sharing music, video and data. What are the limitations of USB? What are the speeds and how do you know whether your USB connection will work to the desired level? Participants will leave this session with a full understanding of the evolution of the USB standard, which tools can be used to troubleshoot the USB network, and which challenges and pitfalls must be avoided when integrating this common data connection with an AV project.

Room D203 13:00 - 14:30 Speaker: Jeff Koftinoff, Meyer Sound

Deploying Large Scale AVB Networks The AVnu Alliance certification programme is now open for AVB-enabled professional audio products and bridges. With products being tested for certification, and AVnu Alliance participation continuing to grow (65 members to date), the transition to a new ecosystem of interoperable audio and video devices is closer than ever. AVB makes it easy to build medium-scale audio networks. For a large

AVB network that contains many network bridges, multiple zones, thousands of streams and redundant networks and redundant devices, additional planning is required. This session will explain how AVB works and how to successfully create large AVB networks.

11:30 - 12:30 Room D204 Speaker: Johnny Jensen, senior product manager, dnp Denmark

Optical Screen Technology in Relation to the ANSI/InfoComm Standard on Projected Image System Contrast Ratio

Image contrast is the most important factor for image quality. Join this session to learn what to expect of a projection system and how to measure it by a standardised method. Come to see live demonstrations and to understand what changing the screen could do for the overall system performance and why optical screen technology is the way to conform to the PISCR standard in high ambient light environments.

13:00 - 14:00 Speaker: Bill Thomas, staff instructor, InfoComm International

Project Management for AV What are the keys to great project management? Attend this session to discover the disciplines and tools used by successful project managers everywhere. Discuss the major elements and procedures used to evaluate and implement good project management from an AV perspective. The session will will look at the basics, and some not so basics, of project management principles and practices as they apply to the AV industry. This seminar should be of interest to vistors involved in delivering projects to an organisation’s clients, or indeed if you are the client or an allied professional.

Room D203 Room D204 Room D203

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