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WHETHER YOU like to race the clock or simply clock up the miles there’s a Spiuk shoe to meet your customer’s needs. For those competing professionally in

triathlon the new Pragma shoe is designed to excel in the saddle. Lightweight, stiff and featuring a carbon fibre sole, they are designed to fasten quickly and securely. If your customer likes to log serious mileage, then the Urha-R or Urha-M could be just the shoe for them. Available in either MTB or Road soled options, they feature a double Velcro closure, clean design and a stiff sole.


NEW FROM Lizard Skins going into 2014 is a three product line of shoe covers. Beginning at £19.99 for a pair of toe

covers in sizes small to XL, your customer is adding some wind resistance where it matters, as well as adding a reflective detail to their footwear. Next up at £24.99 is the first full shoe

cover, offering both water and wind resistance, as well as a microfleece lining for warmth. Top of the line at £29.99 is a fully insulated water and wind resistant version, again in sizes small to XL. Look


ISON CARRIES the award- winning 45NRTH range of cycling footwear made specifically for extreme and harsh conditions. The Wolvhammer was introduced last year to much acclaim and this year sees the introduction of the Fasterkatt. Having just scooped a Eurobike gold

award, the Fasterkatt is designed with -4 to +7 degree Celsius temperatures in mind. The Fasterkatt performs optimally in the sort of damp that the UK Winter

Fisher Outdoor

HAVING DEBUTED at Interbike in 2010, DZR now offers shoes to suit urban cycling, freeride and more. Each DZR shoe is designed to offer a unique combination of stiffness while pedaling and flex when walking. Within the Task series, you’ll find a co-moulded power plate with a reinforced nylon shank, as well as padded uppers, secured down with a robust ‘power strap’. There


out for the Dry-Fiant gear in the 2Pure catalogue. Stock is available now. 0844 811 2001

throws your way, making it an ideal boot for mucky cyclocross events. Constructed with a waterproof membrane and rubberised textile shell that extends over the ankle it’s a robust unit. The bottom of the shoe is sealed with a waterproof

membrane to keep water from getting through

the two bolt compatible cleat slots. The £199 boot is also the first cycling shoe to use micro-glass outsole rubber technology to enhance surface traction while running on slippery surfaces. 01353 662662

are five designs to choose from in the task range and seven in the Urban catalogue. Look out for the new additions of the £89.99 Cove and £79.99 Midnight in the Urban collection, with the latter housing a 600 luminosity reflective badge and a vegan friendly canvas and micro-fibre mix. There’s a

vegan-specific shoe too, which uses only natural

gum rubber and full grain leather using minimal treatments to give an aged look. 01727 798345

With a wide range of shoes at all price

points, Spiuk’s shoe range has all cyclists covered, whether that be with the Motiv for the spin class regulars, the ZS15RC for the road racers, or the more casual looking Compass. Retail prices start at just £64.95. 01752 843882


WITH GIRO now on board, Zyro accounts have access to a wide variety of footwear, from classic clip ins, to shoes like the robust dirt going Chamber, which as it happens has a cut away lower to allow the rider to choose flat or clipped. With a total of 31 models across Road, MTB, Gravity and Triathlon; the range will

Bob Elliot

WITH FLR’S shoe line and Funkier’s range of footwear accessories, bob Elliot’s customers can pick up the majority of their footwear stock from one place. For a very reasonably priced £59.99, customers could take home either of FLR’s road going F-35, or off road-suited F-55 shoes. Both use three Velcro straps to secure the rider and are compatible with two-bolt SPD cleats, among others. The same lightweight, synthetic leather with strong ventilated nylon mesh is used, while the mountain bike version comes with a re-inforced toe cap.


LOTEK HAS been making footwear specifically for BMX riders since 2004 and in recent years has introduced double density footbed technology to its shoes in order to protect and keep the rider comfortable, specifically when absorbing big impacts. For 2014 the brand has the BTS range,

which does stand for ‘back to school’, but without being specific to younger riders. The sole comes fully redesigned and the signature models return in the form to the Fader, Reeves, Nightwolf and BTM. 0845 3103670


IF IT’S a custom footbed your customer is after, Sole has a range of orthopaedic support products to boost comfort and performance. Sole have designed their

footbeds in such a way that they minimise pressures that can be caused by the inward twisting of the knee and ankles during a pedalstroke. Meanwhile, the footbed arch support and heel cup can help reduce plantar fascia strain when pushing down on the pedal.

Sole Thin Sport Custom Footbeds cost

£38 at retail price and are now available as stockist packages to cycle shops.


cover every requirement and all price points from £69.99 to £300. As standard, models will be available in nine sizes for men and seven sizes for women, with additional half size availability at the higher-end. Consumers with high volume or wide feet have not been left out either, with three road and two MTB ‘HV’ models available, accommodating up to EE width. Every high-

end Giro shoe will

come supplied with a ‘Supernatural’ footbed system.

01845 521700

Funkier provides a selection of

overshoes, with the waterproof OSW-04 costing just £24.99 and a neoprene cover better suited to triathlon at £26.99. The label also produces merino wool socks, which come in at just £13.99 retail price. 01772 459 887

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