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Coyote Sports

THE FIRST order of KHE has just been received at Coyote HQ. The highly regarded range of street/park tyres are available in foldable versions as well as standard and Coyote has stocks of street, park and dirt in 20-inch and 26- inch including the MAC 1.5 and MAC2+ versions. The MAC tyre is pitched as the world’s

first freestyle folding tyre and ‘not just a new tyre like all the others’. Instead changing the weight of the complete bike


THE EVO Oozy wheelset is Spank’s newest all-mountain/enduro wheelset. They weigh in at 1,650g (26-inch) and are available in 26-inch, 29er and 650B sizes and they only have an RRP of £449.99. The Fratelli-made rims are all constructed from a single length of alloy and are sleeved and bonded, resulting in greater consistency and strength. The Spanl Oozys have got off to a flying start with the media, winning plaudits in MBR and MBUK. Also via Hotlines are WTB Vigilante Tyres. The Vigilante is a top-level


HALO OFFERS rims, wheels and tyres for most cycle genres, with the Carbaura and Carbaura RD carbon road disc wheels new for ‘14. Three rim depth sizes are offered: 38mm, 50mm and 58mm and they’re future-proofed as they can also be used with rim brakes. The best-selling Vapour trail rims have

also got the carbon treatment and are available as rims or complete wheels (using the new Halo 6-Drive hubs) in 26, 27.5 and 29-inch. Rims and complete


MASSI HAS widened its Hurricane range to 27.5-inch and 28- inch wheel sizes. The new Hurricane has been tested by Massi’s pro riders with excellent reviews (we’re told). This high performance tyre is pitched as a true all-rounder. Its tread design gives outstanding grip in all conditions, including mud, and features hardened side walls for an improved puncture


dramatically because it has less rotating mass at the end of the frame and at the same time it strengthens using Kevlar material. Those Kevlar strips keep everything in shape – no getting bigger with big pressure – and keep things light. This new tyre is made of hard rubber and holds up to 120psi. For more details of the range contact sales@coyote- or phone 0161 727 8508

Evolution Imports

THE DISTRIBUTOR has taken on Pacenti Rims, offered as a rim only or in-built wheels – adding to the offering in the Evo-Wheels range. Speaking of which, the

Evo-Wheel programme has been amended as the firm is now building all its wheels in- house. Evo’s wheel builder has over 20 years experience with a meticulous attention to


aggressive all-mountain tyre, and first choice for Team WTB’s Mark Weir. The square-lugged open-tread pattern offers stability in loose or wet terrain, while the stiff outside knobs grip at lean angles. They use Dual DNA (TCS) and Gravity DNA (Team Issue) rubber, ideal for riders giving it some. 0131 319 1444

FULCRUM’S RACING 5 CX Wheels, retailing at £249.99, have been re- designed for 2014 to reduce weight and also to increase the reactivity of the wheels. Saving 115g in weight and increasing the reactivity by four per cent means a pair of Racing 5 wheels now only weighs 1,645g. Racing 5s are designed for everyday use and training and this CX version comes equipped with double gasket seals over the bearings to stop


wheels with many axle choices complete the range. Ison carries fat tyres and rims from Surly and 45NRTH as well as Deluxe BMX wheels. Dia Compe has its Gran Compe track wheels in various colours and Gusset has a range of entry-level complete BMX wheels and rims for most budgets. 01353 662662

THE EVER-POPULAR RS80 series is back in 11 speed fashion with the new RS81 series. These carbon laminate wheels offer great value for money and are now offered in 24mm, 35mm and 50mm profiles, featuring high lateral rigidity that has been improved with a wide flange spacing. Labyrinth double contact sealing shuts out the water, mud and dirt via low-friction seals without affecting rotational stiffness.


protection. The shoulder knobs reach deep into the toughest corners, providing enough traction where others will skid and slide. Hurricane is specifically designed for XC racing.

MAVIC SAYS its Cosmic Carbone 40c wheel tyre system is the first reliable carbon clincher wheelset. Retailing at £1,800, the versatile aero set use exclusive TgMAC tech which enhances the carbon structure that has an aluminium spine to hold brake and air pressure. Also from Mavic is the CXR 60c wheel

tyre system (£2,000). The integrated wheel-tyre system ‘cheats the wind’, says

detail with all wheels supplied with radial run out readings of at most 0.03mm (radial and lateral). Aside from Pacenti,

Evolution Imports offers DT Swiss, Reynolds, HED and Stans rims built on to Chris King Hubs. There’s also a choice of nine colours for the hubs. The firm hopes to have a couple of new rims to add in the New Year, so although nothing has been confirmed yet, keeps your eyes open for more on that on 0208 290 0807

dust, dirt and water getting in, perfect for winter. Also available from i-ride are Continental Gator hardshell tyres, priced at £34.95 each. This tyre comes equipped with Continental’s Duraskin

protection that wraps into the sidewall for extra protection. It also comes

with a Ploy X Breaker, tech taken

from their car tyres. A durable polyester thread is cross stitched with a close thread into the tyre giving an extra layer of protection to fend off sharp objects. 01444 243000

Of course the big buzz in the MTB world at the minute is wheel size and 27.5 seems to be emerging as front contender. New to the range this year from Conti is a selection of 27.5-inch

tyres including the Trail King Protection which

replaces the Rubber Queen. Continental’s BlackChili

Compound provides the grip for this tyre and the Protection range can also be run without tube on UST compatible rims.

Mavic, saving time and watts in all conditions and is ideal for tri, sprints and hilly races. The Crossmax Enduro is

the first MTB wheel tyre system designed for Enduro racing (£720 in 650b). Using key Mavic tech like ISM, Isopulse and UST Tubeless ready, the Crossmax Enduro has different rim widths front

and read to accommodate

different tyre width and tread patterns, developed to maximise the Enduro experience. 01276 404870


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