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The new jewel in Denmark’s crown!

Ride Profile

It’s all about the jewel!

Europe’s first double launch rollercoaster kicked off the season in fine style at Djurs Sommerland in Denmark. Measuring a full 1km in length, the Intamin ride enjoys the added distinction of being the country’s longest rollercoaster and, at DKK70 million

(€9.4m/$12.4m), it is also the park’s most expensive attraction investment to date. Here Djurs CEO Henrik B Nielsen (pictured) shares the Juvelen story


ver the last five years we’ve invested more than €26.5 million in the park, starting in 2008 with Piraten, our Intamin Mega-Lite

Coaster, followed by Europe’s largest water coaster in 2011 (Skatteøen by Mack Rides) and then a custom- themed Zierer Flying Fish (Solgunden) last season. Looking at our full portfolio of rides, we wanted to add a family coaster that would fit somewhere between the Mega-Lite and the Gerstlauer Bobsled Coaster (Thor’s Hammer) that we put in back in 2002. We started looking at what was available, and a launch coaster was something great and spectacular. Then when we talked to Intamin and began sharing ideas, the possibility of a double launch coaster arose, the first in Europe. From a marketing standpoint that is a good thing to claim, but then we came up with the layout for what would also be the longest coaster in Denmark; we wanted to do a launch coaster that would not be over in 20 seconds! We also asked Intamin to do something high speed, so they came up with a 1km-long coaster that would reach speeds of approximately 85kmh. Furthermore, we wanted to do a themed ride, and looked at doing something new with the coaster train. We discussed various ideas, including a motorcycle

with a sidecar, but we went with an ATV (all-terrain vehicle), which fits perfectly with the idea of going on a jungle expedition. To accommodate the ride we cleared 12,000 square metres of space in Mexicoland area of the park.

Back Story

Juvelen is the Danish word for “jewel” – and that is what you are looking for on the ride. You enter this 10m-high Mayan pyramid and, after climbing on board your ATV, go into this big tunnel where you get introduced to the storyline. The jewel’s keepers are upset because the jewel is gone, but can you help them find it! The door opens and suddenly you are catapulted from this dark environment into the open air. We try and leave a little bit of the story up to the imagination of our guests, but basically you are the good guys and you are looking for the bad guys. I do not think there are that many parks in Europe that would so such a pre-show for a rollercoaster. We developed the ride’s theming together with a Danish company, the Creation Group, who we had previously worked with on Skatteøen. It’s quite an immersive environment and in one to two years when all the soil work is done and the trees have grown it will be much greener – like a jungle. I think most parts of Europe had a very strong, long

winter. For us and Intamin (and their subcontractor RCS), it was quite a big job to get the coaster ready for opening on 4 May. Three or four weeks ago we still had snow. Doing the commissioning on a launch coaster in zero or two degrees is very difficult; sometimes you have ice on the track. Everyone did a great job, but it was very challenging getting things done on time.

Broad Appeal

Here in Denmark at this time of year we are very happy if it is dry and 15/16ºC. The first weekend of the season we had very nice weather and the guests were most impressed when they tried the ride. One of the big advantages of this coaster is that it has very

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