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Koch Media has pulled together a mammoth campaign to reach fans of the hit fantasy epic

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Cyanide Studio

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Print ads have already been running in specialist and trade video games publications over the last month. Koch Media has expanded this to include men’s lifestyle magazines such as FHM, as well as titles that reach the same audience, such as Empire. The distributor has also arranged for insertions to be included in 360, PC and PS3 e-zines.


Speed and concentration

Tricks & skills 22%

Short play periods

Fantasy life

Involvement in story

Mental Challenge

Fight & Combat Develop & Build

8% 15% 3% 7% 16% 13% 21% 11% 17%

Tony Hawk’s Average Game

29% 20% 23% 35% 20% 35% Copyright © GameVision Europe 12 June 8th 2012

THIS WEEK we take a look at the GameVision Brand Map for Tony Hawkin anticipation of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD – due for release this summer. We asked 6,879 gamers about this IP. 656 had played it within the last six months and we asked a further 275 of these to give us more detail. Play rates are highest among Italian users, with nine per cent playing. Males account for 72 per cent of all players. 47 per cent of players in Europe are males aged 10 to 24. Females aged 30 to 39 represent a higher profile of players than the average game. The Sony platforms are the most popular choice, accounting for 55 per cent of players. The Tony Hawk brand is most well-known for its highly technical and trick-based gameplay, and is enjoyed because of the ‘speed and concentration’ as well as the ‘tricks and skills’ required –

with 35 per cent of gamers saying that these were their most preferred aspects. The ability to play for ‘short play periods’ was enjoyed by 29 per cent of those who have experienced the brand, while the chance to live a ‘fantasy life’ is enjoyed by 23 per cent. Players are not looking to design their own skate park, with only three per cent choosing ‘develop and build things’ as a motivation for playing. The series’ focus on high scores and complicated tricks and moves – combined with being marketed at the primarily male skateboarding audience – most likely explains why the game has a higher than average volume of males playing the brand compared to females. However with a new Tony

Hawk game around the corner, this trend could change. Visit to purchase the full brand map. ONLINE

A tactical campaign will target Game of Thronesfans through specialist and lifestyle sites. The Google content network has allowed Koch Media to target any Game of Thronescontent online via keywords. It will also run MPUs on IMDB’s Game of Thrones page, as well as those of the show’s actors. A takeover is planned for the the franchise’s Wikia page.


Ads for the game ran during the TV show’s penultimate and final episodes of the recent second series, as well as during repeats of earlier episodes. Koch Media has also purchased pre- roll time on video-on-demand services before Game of Thronesand sci-fi programming.


Koch Media has secured game of the week placements at Asda and Tesco, as well as gondola ends at GAME and prominent spaces on Amazon, Play, Zavvi and ShopTo. There will also be an extensive London Underground campaign, with a 10-second trailer running on over 2,000 digital escalator panels.

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