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Batsphinx Now they’re in-flight we can talk about E3 people behind their backs. I’ll start: @squidmania is a CAD and a CHARLATAN. #E3bitch

(Will Porter, Hookshot Inc) Saturday, June 2nd

carolynmichelle CoDdemo set in future Downtown L.A. would be better if it were taking place during E3 and there was a banner ad in-game for CoD 17. (Carolyn Petit, GameSpot) Monday, June 4th

GI_AndyMc I thought the MS press conference was ok. This is a tough E3 to create buzz since so much info is out already.

(Andy McNamara, Game Informer) Monday, June 4th

davidscottjaffe Only catching select bits of the Msft presser as I’m prepping to head2LA. But MAN: HALO, TOMB RAIDER, &SPLINTER CELLLOOK AMAZING! (David Jaffe, game developer) Monday, June 4th

PlayMagRyan God dammit my EA stream is like watching a screenshot gallery with screams and explosions in the background

(Ryan King, Play Magazine) Monday, June 4th

kezamacdonald I’m not sure how many more controversial things could have been in that Far Cry 3demo. Tiger-killing! Boobs! Drugs! Blood! Knives! #e3.

(Keza MacDonald, IGN) Monday, June 4th

guycocker Rhythm action and platforming in Rayman Legendson Wii U. Finally, something at E3 we haven’t seen before.

(Guy Cocker, GameSpot) Monday, June 4th

squidmania Have Ubisoft mentioned how I’ll be able to interact with ACIIIon my tablet, phone, TV, bum, computer, cooker, toilet and mugs? (Martin Gaston, Monday, June 4th

PercyBlakeney63 Nintendo are well in the game. They make the best toys around. My nephews and nieces want a Wii U. That’s all that matters (Andy Payne, Mastertronic) Tuesday, June 5th

DannyBilson At another #E3 press conference longing for the death of teleprompters.

(Danny Bilson, former THQ exec) Tuesday, June 5th

Our biggest stories for the week ending Friday, June 1st

THE MOST POPULAR STORIES ON MCVUK.COM THIS WEEK 1. Sony close to agreeing cloud gaming acquisition 2. Sony cuts French PlayStation Vita price… temporarily 3. E3 2012: Watch the Microsoft press conference here, LIVE 4. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition coming to Steam 5. E3 2012: Cage to reveal Beyond at Sony presser 6. E3 2012: CV leak suggests October release for GTA V 7. Final Fantasy Versus XIII renamed Final Fantasy XV? 8. WATCH THE VIDEO: Ubisoft’s new IP Watch Dogs revealed 9. BBC: Master Chief to resolve Syrian conflict 10. Wii U version of Metro: Last Light is pulled

//CLASSIC//Gottlieb Pinball Classics

One of the most authentic pinball simulators ever created, Gottlieb Pinball Classics features 11 Gottlieb pinball tables, with accurate mechanics, graphics and sounds. System 3 chief Mark Cale also introduced the pioneering GameShare technology, which let two players compete together with just one UMD. Four-player multplayer and six camera angles were also available.

Released: 2006 Formats: PSP, PS2, Wii June 8th 2012


Read and remember these stats so you can sound clever at the next Monday morning meeting

Number of new providers bringing entertainment content to Xbox this year


Price of Battlefield Premium, EA’s new subscription service for PS3, 360 and PC


Tracks available through the upcoming Xbox Music service


Number of titles coming to PlayStation Network in the next 12 months


Ubisoft games announced for Wii U


OnLive claims it has enjoyed “100 per cent uptime”, meaning its cloud gaming service has never been unavailable


PDP distributes the Sony- licensed Vita ‘Crystal Case’


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