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Sometimes Things Can Be Confusing! Program Change

In an attempt to improve the ConFAM© experience, and in order to use as many suggestions from both military reunion planners and exhibitors, RFN has made major changes in the ConFAM©

program. There have been

so many changes it is easy to become confused. So let’s clear the air.

Date Change

Even if you have already signed up, you will note that the dates listed on the opposite page, and on the following Parade pages have been changed. Here is why! RFN has introduced a reception on the evening before the first Conference day. We tested the idea in 2011, and it met with overwhelming approval, so it will continue. The date of the reception is now listed as the FIRST day of the event, even though it doesn’t start until 5:30 PM. The date that used to be listed as the end has also been moved up, because there are no scheduled events that day. Sometimes breakfast will be included if you stick around, but do not count on it. The last day shown is now the last day of the ConFAM©


Planners should be sure to make airline reservations so that they can arrive on the afternoon of the (new) first day, and to return home as early as they want the day after the event ends. We hope this has not caused any inconvenience.

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Having the reception the evening before the conference has provided many advantages. It has allowed us to start the Conference at 8:50 AM rather than at 10:30 or 11:00. As a result, the Conference seminars and exhibits will be completed on that day! It will also allow for an informal discussion – a round table – where we will be open to discuss anything the planners want to discuss, relating to reunions.


During the Conference day, planners get the chance to visit the tables of our exhibitors. Often this has led to one planner monopolizing an exhibitors time while others were waiting. This is no longer necessary. As part of the paperwork each planner receives a newly designed appointment sheet, so that planners will have the opportunity of discussing their reunions on a one-on-one basis with exhibitors of their choice!

Appointments will be made on the day of the conference for the following day. That day will start with breakfast, be followed by the very popular Planner/Exhibitor Forum, and then by the award of the door prizes. Exhibitors, of course, will also receive a newly designed appointment sheet to ensure that there are no conflicts.

Planners will not be required to meet with exhibitors where there is no interest, but each planner will have sufficient time to clarify any points and arrange for a proposal from the exhibitors chosen by that planner.

There will still be a full-day-and-a-half for the FAM portion.

R EUNION F R IENDL Y N EWS • Spring, 2012 Pricing Change

You will notice that the price has changed. The reason is that from now on we will be including a copy of “Reunion Guru” Paul’s new book: RFN’s Military Reunion Handbook. The list price of the book is $99, but we have been offering a $40 discount to planners, and a fair number have paid $60 for the book. Under this new arrangement, if you pay the new price, which is only $50 more, you will save an additional $10, by going to a ConFAM©

. If you already

have the book, or do not want it, you can simply deduct the $50 when you register. This will save us some freight and shipping, and we are passing the savings on to you. We have applied to make this an official textbook, and once that happens, the discount picture will change.

New ConFAM©

You will note that we have added Detroit to the confirmed list of 2012 ConFAMs©

. This will be the first

WeekEnder Event, tailored to those who are still working. It starts with the reception on Friday evening, a full day of seminars on Saturday WITHOUT out-of-town exhibitors, and a full FAM day on Sunday. Short, sweet and packed with information. If these prove popular, we will plan more of them. The first WeekEnder event is scheduled for September 28-30, in Detroit, Michigan.

So there you have it. We have tried to consider every point of view when we made the changes. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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