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also create jobs, but it is also a fact that government produces nothing! Nothing! Zilch! De nada!

An editorial by Paul Spiewak

As some of you know, I write a short weekly essay, usually a page or so of text, plus some appropriate cartoons, which I send to roughly 500 people (on request), commenting about things that I find interesting, and which I hope my readers believe is worthy of commentary. A few months ago, I wrote one of these titled God Bless America. The amount of response was staggering. Here is what I wrote (edited a bit):

Forgive me, but I really do not understand why every political and every presidential speech ends up this way. When a president addresses the nation on television and tells them he has ordered an attack on a country that did not attack us, and then winds up with that famous phrase, it strikes me as an oxymoron. Do we attack in the name of peace? Would it not be more appropriate to say “America blesses God?”

God Bless America

In the same way, it strikes me as somewhat odd that the U.S. Government, our government, has invaded our economic and financial structure with a series of moves that at the very minimum has impeded the free flow of capital, and then looks at our Divine Maker to make it all work. The old adage of “The Lord helps those who help themselves” seems to be more appropriate.

It is a well-known fact that small businesses create more jobs than any other group. The government may

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There are millions of small business people who, through their efforts, often very innovative, serve as a backbone to the economy. In the normal course of events, without the government interfering, the natural economic forces would entice these entrepreneurs to expand or start new businesses and create those desperately needed jobs. It hasn’t happened. What our government has done is diverted the funds that these existing and new small businesses needed, using them to bail out a few big losers.

By this time, it should be obvious that the powers in Washington, particularly the Federal Reserve, have, to coin a phrase, screwed up royally. There are no “fixin’s,” no workable plans, no way for government to help, except to get out of the way.

Asking for divine intervention to avoid financial disaster simply does not work, however well-intentioned. You either have the money or not. You do not write bum checks because the good Lord will not bail you out.

Don’t have the money, use credit cards. Credit cards maxed out, stop paying the mortgage. Did you ever stop to look at the other side? If someone fails to pay you, do you ask for a heavenly angel to drop the dough on your doorstep, or do you go after the non-payer yourself?

God really did bless America. We were given a beautiful land with untold wealth in minerals, arable land, potable fresh running water, and clean air to breathe. It was a place like no other, where a person could start with nothing and create wealth. But, somewhere along the way we blew it, squandered our gifts, lost our principles, and started to look for handouts. Handouts aren’t free. They come from other folks who earned it.

When those in power take away the incentive from the earners, the developers, the entrepreneurs, there

will be nothing left to take. God did bless America, but we have traded those blessings for a mess of pottage called national debt. I think it is time for America to bless God, and get back to work. I think it is time we stopped looking to government to solve our problems, to start living within our means, and give our thanks to God for allowing us to do it.

That’s the way it looks to me. ———

Here are some responses (edited for clarity and brevity):

Just to let you know that when I started reading your spot I said to myself “I don’t like where this is going.” But after reading the whole spot I have to say, “I agree totally with you.” Like Paul Harvey’s, “Now for the rest of the story.” Richard Souza USS Charles H. Roan DD-853 ———

God bless you. If you were a carpenter you would never bend a nail - always a direct hit on the head! It would be interesting for you to go into what each Congressperson cost us — $180,000 base pay plus $900,000/ yr for expenses, plus free postage (most used to enhanced the wonders they do), plus 80 employees each, and junkets at government expense. They even have three or four offices despite being limited anatomically to one behind.

George Washington was wise to limit himself to two terms. Congress and the Senate should follow. These self anointed lords act and demand like the chosen ones. This must be changed! They spend most of their time on unnecessary trips, vacations, and seeking votes for reelection!

We are in a crisis tantamount to being in a war of survival. Our brave troops did not take vacations or stop at sundown. They hunkered down on the battle field risking their lives to save America. Our failed president and Congress have no inkling in their cotton picking minds that America is in a crisis war of survival.

I cry for you America! Name Withheld by Request

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