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From a Woman’s Point of View …

Being the Co-Pilot in Life and a Reunion By Charlene Adamson

Has your veteran military reunion planner spouse or companion taken on the responsibility of planning a reunion and found it to be an awing experience? What about yourself? Wisely, most planners choose to share the planning and implementing of the reunion with a partner. Of course, there are always those who choose to go it alone and RFN recommends that planners not do this. Why?

There is a place where the past meets the present. Where history and heritage and events and activities converge in an ideal location.

We call this Rocky Mountain oasis Colorado Springs. You’ll call it the reunion of a lifetime.

Let us help you create an

unforgettable get-together at 800.888.4748, ext.138.

Sadly, crisis may arise because of health, family, or even death, and if there is no partner the entire reunion may be in chaos. Who has the contract and where is it? What about the “notebook” that Paul emphasizes must be up to date? Someone else from your unit, group, or association steps in at the last minute and tries to piece everything back together. Sometimes it works; sometimes it does not! There are pilots and co-pilots working to fly that plane successfully just as there are captains and co-captains. Why should a military reunion be any different? This is one of the reasons that RFN allows two persons, plus their spouse or companion, from the same group to attend a ConFAM©


Find your time machine and build your itinerary at

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Each of you may have experienced a situation where the Sales Manager at the CVB leaves prior to your event, or the hotel contact changes. Remember how bewildering that felt? It is the same if the planner changes. The hotel, CVB, transportation and tour company

all want your event to be successful but there must be an open line of communication. Waiting until the last minute can be daunting and sets up the event for failure.

If you have attended an RFN ConFAM© and served as a reunion planner, perhaps your next step should be to attend a WorkFAM©

where Paul

teaches Contracts and Negotiation. This year following the Chattanooga, Tennessee ConFAM©

, we are heading

to Huntsville, Alabama (less than an hour and a half from Chattanooga) to conduct a WorkFAM©

. Last year, the WorkFAM©

Bowling Green, Kentucky following the Nashville, Tennessee ConFAM©

was in and

it was highly successful for attendees who came away self-assured that they understood the importance of having new knowledge about Contracts.

The WorkFAM© begins on the evening

of the first day with dinner and a site- inspection. The following day includes all of the teaching on Contracts and Negotiations. The next day is devoted to a FAM tour of the host city with check-out the next morning. There are no outside exhibitors, only local vendors.

Like a well choreographed performance, the planner and their partner are now prepared to go center stage and be the stars!

R EUNION F R IENDL Y N EWS • Spring, 2012


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