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Bill retired as head of physical facilities at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, I was asked by John Gallman, then director of the Indiana University Press, to edit a se- ries of books about railroads. The first thing I did was call Bill Middleton to see if he had any more railroad books percolating. He en- thusiastically agreed to submit the revised edition of South Shore and present propos- als for a number of other books, including Landmarks Along the Iron Road, The Bridge at Quebec, and others that were published by the IU Press over the next five years. The latest of his books to see print is the biogra- phy of Frank J. Sprague, written with his son, Bill, Jr. In addition to his many books, Bill wrote

Maitland Tower Erie Crossing Shanty

The Maitland Tower kit builds into a model of the tower's initial configuration and can be modified to represent a number of other Erie west end towers. Maitland also broke up the block between Glen Echo and Cold Springs on the Dayton Branch and was used by the DT&I to issue trains orders. This served to extend the tower life more than anything else and remained in service well into the Conrail years. Crossing Shanty not included

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This kit builds into a model representing crossing shanties located throughout the Erie west end.

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★ ★ STILL AVAILABLE ★ ★ DL&W Vestal, N.Y. Station

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Erie Lackawanna Historical Society Erie Steam Locomotive Diagram Book Book No. 2 (1944)

Erie Passenger Equipment Diagram Book Book No. 76, May 1952

DL&W Locomotive Classificaton Diagram Book Revised July 1st 1939

DL&W Classification of Freight Equipment Corrected to May 1, 1952

Erie Lackawanna Passenger Equipment Diagram Book, Book No. 15, Issued Aug. 30, 1966.

Erie Lackawanna Freight Equipment Diagram Book, Book No. 78, Updated May 9, 1975

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ELHS membership at $35 per membership cycle. Cycle includes four issues of our magazine “The Diamond” and four newsletters with modeling

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$32.00 $32.00 © Richard Steinheimer 2012 Creative Photogaphy Awards

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scores of articles for Railway Age and many other rail-oriented publications, as well as an excellent series of articles on railway bridges for RAILROADMODEL CRAFTSMAN. Our next adventure starting in the late

1990s and moving into the 21st Century was The Encyclopedia of North American Rail- roads, which Bill and I edited in conjunction with Roberta Diehl, a long-time editor at the IU Press. It was a big project entailing lots of fun and lots of work. Always the optimist, Bill thought we could do the job in two years. It took almost seven. I suggested the topic of the New Railway

Age for a book or conference, and Bill worked with Bill Vantuono, editor of Rail- way Age, which sponsored a conference on the subject in Washington in December 2008. Bill Middleton, a talented workaholic

and brilliant researcher, always liked to have a writing project in process. His fine,

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Erie Waldwick Interlocking Tower HO & N plus


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clear, and uncluttered writing style made his many books and articles a pleasure to read.

Among my many memories of good times

with Bill include taking the Cardinal to Washington from Indianapolis to attend a conference. Tom Hoback, CEO of the Indi- ana Rail Road, was also going to the confer- ence. His business car was coupled to the train and he invited me to ride along for part of the way. Bill Middleton joined the train at Charlottesville and Tom invited both of us to ride with him and enjoy coffee and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. On the last leg of the journey Tom invited us to ride on the back platform. He laid down ground rules. As long as the train moved we had to wave at people, but if the train stopped we had to make a speech. No speeches were given. Ever since we worked on the encyclope-

dia, Bill and I telephoned each other every Wednesday morning to discuss projects in progress, including Bill’s final book, which is a collection of his photographs of railroads in many parts of the world. The photos were taken when Bill and his family were sta- tioned abroad by the U.S. Navy. He also wanted to do a book on commuter railroads, and we discussed the project at length and shared outlines as recently as June 2011. Bill passed away on the afternoon of July

11, 2011. He will certainly be missed by his many friends, but all of us are lucky that he left such a huge legacy. We can join him in excellent and informative conversation by just turning its pages. He left us a rich her- itage of information about the subject of great interest to those we read this column and this magazine. We are all in his debt.

Get inspired.

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