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Kentucky Railway Museum

L&N PACIFIC IS OUT OF SERVICE: The Kentucky Railway Museum of New Haven, Ky., has announced that its Louisville & Nashville light Pacific No. 152 has been taken out of service. The locomotive is due for its 1472-day FRA inspection, but the museum has not indicated when or whether the 1905 prod- uct of the Rogers Locomotive Works will re- turn to service. Trains will continue to operate behind diesel power.

Metro-North Commuter Railroad

PORT JERVIS LINE REPAIRS SET: Metro-North says that 150,000 tons of stone will be needed to repair 50 washouts up to seven feet deep, totaling two miles in length, between Suffern and Harriman, N.Y., which were caused in late August 2011 by the Ramapo River as it flooded during Hurricane Irene (see page 22, November 2011 RAILFAN). While the ballast and subgrade have been de- stroyed, the track itself has been found to be in good condition and will not need to be re- placed. The first priority will be to rebuild a single track between Suffern and Harriman and restore limited through service by the end of this year, which will require the contractor to work around the clock, seven days a week. The second phase will involve the restoration of the second track between Suffern and Sloatsburg and replacement of the signal sys- tem, which should be completed by the fall of 2012, when full service will be restored be- tween Port Jervis and Hoboken, N.J.

Texas-New Mexico

TRACKWORK, NEW LOCOMOTIVE SHOP: To accommodate rapidly increasing carloadings, the Texas-New Mexico Railroad will improve its track and motive power in the coming years. Serving the Permian Basin oil fields and owned by Iowa Pacific Holdings’ Permian Basin Rail- ways subsidiary, TNMR runs about a hundred miles from an interchange with Union Pacific at Monahans, Texas, to Lovington, N.M. The line’s annual carloadings are expected to increase from 7000 this year to 21,000 by late 2012, not includ- ing a unit oil train which may start running in the second half of 2012. The route will be relaid with heavier rail, a locomotive maintenance facil- ity will be built at Eunice, N.M., and the motive power fleet will be upgraded. Much of the financ- ing will come from the proceeds of Iowa Pacific's recent sale of the Arizona Eastern to Genesee & Wyoming.

Union Pacific

OMAHA BYPASS GETS DOUBLE TRACK: Union Pacific is currently adding 29 miles of second main track to the Blair Subdivision be- tween Fremont, Neb., and Missouri Valley, Iowa, a critical link on the Overland Route be- tween the former Chicago & North Western route to Chicago and North Platte, Neb. The Blair Sub is 25 miles shorter than the alternate route through Council Bluffs and Omaha, and saves from two to four hours of transit time by avoiding terminal congestion. Starting work at Missouri Valley, this year the company expects

RALPH BACK Erie Mining F9s Roll on Photo Freight

THE LAKE SUPERIOR RAILROAD MUSEUM hosted a photo freight on September 10, 2011, using its former Erie Mining F9A 4211 and F9B 4222 to pull a train of ore jennies between Duluth and Two Harbors over its North Shore Scenic Railroad. The photo line recorded them crossing the steel deck girder bridge over the Knife River at Knife River, Minn. See page 54.


KNOXVILLE LOCOMOTIVE WORKS has entered the locomotive repower market with the KLW20B demonstrator, rebuilt from a former Norfolk Southern GP38. The locomotive has given up its two-stroke, Roots-blown 2000-h.p. 16-645 engine in favor of a much smaller four-stroke, tur- bocharged 12-cylinder MTU 4000 R33, while retaining the original EMD AR10 alternator and electrical system, which has been upgraded to Dash 3 standards. Since the MTU engine runs at 1800 r.p.m. compared to the 645’s 900 r.p.m., a 2:1 reduction gearbox is used between the engine and alternator. Production KLW20B’s will be able to meet a variety of air quality standards from Tier 1+ to Tier 3. KLW is a subsidiary of Gulf & Ohio Railways, headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn.

to complete three miles of second main track and a three-mile siding. The project will in- clude new bridges over the Missouri and Elkhorn Rivers.

MORE ECO REBUILDS ON THE WAY: Union Pacific has ordered another 15 EMD SD32ECO rebuilds from SD60M’s, which will

be numbered 9910-9924. UP is renumbering a like number of SD40-2s to accommodate the “new” units, which the railroad calls SD59MX’s. The work, which includes replacing the 3800 h.p. 16-710 engine with a 3200 h.p. 12-710 and revamping the cooling system with SD70M-style flared radiators, will be done by Progress Rail at Mayfield, Ky.


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