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With the advent of winter and the exhibition season upon us, you can expect to see some new scenery appearing on the horizon as well as new designs in garments and hats. This month we are going to look at a new addition to the Grafityp stable and the smallest screen print machine in the world from M&R.

A little gem from M&R Diamondback L and XL Automatic Press


he Diamondback range for USA based M&R is well known in the industry but now there are a couple of new additions to consider. With a 51cm x 61cm maximum frame size, a 35cm x 28cm maximum image area and an extremely small footprint the Diamondback L is, without doubt, a unique press.

Its compact dimensions make it the ideal machine for print companies where space is at a premium but donʼt let the size fool you.

This machine is just as capable as its bigger brothers operating at speeds in excess of 1,000 cycles per hour. According to M&R it is the fastest automatic textile press in its category as well as being the smallest.

Mounted on heavy duty castors also makes it a mobile unit so, if space is at a premium, you can easily move it out of the way when not in use. Available in standard and enhanced versions the Diamondback ʻLʼ features a servo-driven indexer, pneumatically driven print carriages, calibrated squeegee pressure adjustment and three- point pallet levelling brackets with quick release. Add other standard features such as a pivoting control panel with touch screen and tool free quick release pallet locks and you can see why this 6 colour machine is making such a name for itself. M&R have not stopped there though as

can be seen by the recently launched Diamondback ʻXLʼ.

They identified a need for a machine with all of the attributes of the ʻLʼ but with a larger print area. Enter the 9 colour ʻXLʼ which has a huge maximum print area of 51cm x 53cm and is capable of handling screen up to 66cm x 91cm. Also included is M&Rʼs patented revolver Print Program which automatically operates individual printheads in programmed sequences and allows multiple flashing without losing a printing position.

If a large print area has been on your wish list but, because of high costs, has never attained reality then the wait might

just be over. The Diamondback ʻXLʼ seems to answer all the needs of the large area printer

without incurring the expected high price.

With these two new Diamondbacks, M&R seem to have satisfied two key areas of the industry. The small footprint ʻLʼ gives you a mobile, flexible, high speed machine that wonʼt take up too much space whilst the ʻXLʼ will satisfy those with a need for a larger than normal print area but doesnʼt want to break the bank. ■ M&R machines are distributed in the UK by D. Roper Ltd. Call 01562 829009 or visit

Grafityp offers Rolandʼs newVersaStudio BN-20 T

he Roland VersaStudio BN020, the recently launched new addition to the Roland range, is a new addition to the Grafityp catalogue.

This print and cut system is a perfect introduction into the world of print and cut garment transfers, as well as many other projects, and provides an incredible package at a very affordable price.

The BN-20 prints full colour plus metallic and contour cuts on a full spectrum of media. T shirt transfers, stickers, decals, labels, photo prints, POS and POP, small format signage and vehicle graphics are all possible from your desktop. Donʼt be fooled by the term desktop though as the BN-20 may have a small footprint but it still boasts a 20 inch (508mm) area making it ideal for short run, high margin customised print and cut work.

The BN-20 utilises the same advanced print technology as the Roland VersaCAMM VS series so its production pedigree is well established and can be relied upon to deliver bright, durable

| 48 | November 2011

print and cut graphics using the Eco-Sol Max series of inks. It offers fast drying times, wide colour gamut and, importantly, low running costs.

The prints from the BN-20 are odourless making it ideal for use in any commercial, retail, small or home-office environment. With two ink configurations available, standard CMYK or five colour CMYK plus metallic silver, stunning graphics can be output onto a wide range of coated and uncoated materials for use both indoors and outdoors.

The integrated print and cut technology streamlines your production flow by precise contour cutting of graphics. This makes the BN-20 ideal for the production of labels, stickers or other complex design shapes. Coming as standard with Rolandʼs R-Works design software and using OnSupport for remote update, the BN-20 is the ideal machine for your print and cut work. ■ For more information call Grafityp on 01827 300500 or email

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