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Winners from the top brands P

ABOVE: Tombo TL50 Light Training Top. BELOW: CN41 Canterbury Cut & Sew Jersey.

enCarrieUKL cater for a wide range of teamwear with a great choice of garments from a host of recognised sporting brands. Tombo Teamwear combines performance materials with coordinating colours and cutting edge designs to create garments that sports enthusiasts want to wear. Warm up garments are must haves and Tombo offer some great staples. TL50 Teamwear Super Light Training Top and TL51 Teamwear Zipped Leg Super Light Training Pants together make a tracksuit that is ideal for all seasons. Its lightweight fabric minimises restriction, but also offers protection from the wind and rain. Gamegear recognises the importance of keeping players cool and comfortable during exercise. Styles include sports shorts, a sleeveless sports top and a sports T shirt made from moisture wicking fabric Cooltex. With a broad appeal for all team sports Gamegear garments are perfect for printing club logos for team identity.

Suitable for individuals and large organisations alike, Finden+Hales range of hoodies, microfleece tops and jackets offers additional protection from the elements and are fully co- coordinating with the rest of the range. So why not try the range of track pants, which come in both plain and contrast colourway options to complete

the teamwear look.

Canterbury and Kooga, mostly recently associated with the Rugby World Cup, both have an impressive range of jerseys and shorts. The CN41 Cut & Sew Jersey from Canterbury teams superbly with either CN50 Professional Shorts or CN51 Advantage Shorts. Koogaʼs four match shirts, available in a variety of contrasting colours, have the left breast area free for club logos and plain backs for names and numbers. When looking for teamwear for recreational groups, think bright, think colourful. Just Cool by AWDis, boasts an array of 30 great colours over three sporting styles. The JC001 Cool T together with the JC007 Cool Vest and JC040 Cool Polo have been made with the unique Neoteric polyester, perfect for defining colour and maintaining dry comfort. Ideal for a pub skittles teams to charity fun runs.

In addition, Hanes, Slazenger, Kariban Sport, SF and Stormtech also feature teamwear garments. Teamwear is the perfect opportunity for add-on sales, with training bibs, socks, hats and holdalls also available from PenCarrieUKL the opportunities are vast. ■ For more information take a look at the dedicated Activewear section of the 2011 brochure or visit for the ultimate teamwear choice.

How do you differentiate and motivate your team? A

uniform or team kit is a great way to ʻbrandʼ your team or club and now thereʼs a new addition to the conventional kit bag – Customised Buff headwear. Buff headwear can be created in almost any logo or design to brand and motivate teams and clubs in a new and interesting way. Not just another commemorative T shirt because it has a whole host of uses and can be worn in a multitude of ways which both mark out the individual and the team. Buff Original Multifunctional headwear is the original tubular garment designed for active sports enthusiasts – it will wick perspiration away from the skin and is seamless for maximum comfort.

Made with polyester microfibre, it is wind-resistant, small enough to keep in a pocket, machine washable and fast- drying and will not fade or lose its elasticity.

Customised Buff headwear can be ordered in as few as 25 units and the process is simple, plus you will be guided every step of the way by one person, not an operative in a call

| 32 | November 2011

centre. It really is a personal service. Buff designers then come up with two or three designs to choose from which normally takes 7-10 working days. You make your choice and then the headwear is printed. This can take from six to eight weeks. Customised Buff headwear has been created for companies and organisations both large and small across the UK. This is what they had to say: "Our custom Buff headwear went down a storm with our members, everyone wanted one! They look fantastic thanks to the help from the designers at Buffera with just a few images to work from.

“The whole ordering process was simple, friendly and efficient. They were great value for money for the quality of the product and service we got. The Buff headwear is awesome and durable, our members have taken them up mountains, through deserts and jungles and they haven't faded or worn out." Dr Alexis Gilbert, chairman of St. Bartholomew's and the Royal London Alpine Club said: “Buff headwear is so incredibly versatile and practical, it

made sense to develop our own. “Buff helped with the design, and I'm delighted that due to the success of our custom made Buff we have commissioned further designs. The service is quick and efficient and clearly our Help for Heroes supporters love the product too.” ■ Visit



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