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Trox completes investment programme

Trox is celebrating the completion of the final phase of its £2.1 million investment programme, which sees the production facility in Thetford firmly established as the Trox group’s global centre of excellence for MS chilled beam manufacture. Phase 3 of the programme has involved

investment of £600,000 in CAM (computer aided manufacture) equipment, including an advanced technology Salvagnini panel bending machine. Providing a high-tech alternative to the factory’s existing press brakes, the new machine creates components for the Trox range of chilled beams in a third of the time, and with even greater repeatability, accuracy and quality. The new machine also offers Trox the option of manufacturing in either aluminium or steel, with outstanding levels of flexibility for creating chilled beam fascia’s of different designs. The move is expected to offer many customers reduced lead times, particularly where the chilled beam involves a bespoke or architect-inspired fascia.

Extensive programme

This is the final phase in an extensive programme of investment which began in 2007. Earlier phases have involved the installation of two fully-automated Trumpf punch presses which have increased production capacity at the factory by around 60%. As the presses have perfect repeatability, they achieve increased throughput at the same time as ensuring that the extremely tight tolerances and

Andromeda becomes Schneider Electric

Andromeda, the intelligent building control solutions providers, has been acquired by Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries.

The acquisition will see Andromeda become a solutions provider within Schneider

Electric, operating across the EMEAS regions (Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America).

stringent quality standards demanded by Trox continue to be met. Trox UK’s Chief Operating Officer, Ian

Sams, said: “Whilst the new equipment is the most visible outcome of the investment programme, it is really just one part of the overall project. A significant figure has also been dedicated to training of our workforce, including skills development in Six Sigma. So the greatest investment of all is coming from

Trox employees, through their

involvement in activities such as Kaizen. “Upgrading manufacturing capability can be time-consuming and challenging in a busy factory like ours, where installation of new equipment cannot stand in the way of day-to-day production. So I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved over the last four years, for their hard work in bringing the investment programme to fruition. We are extremely proud of the result - a state- of-the-art manufacturing facility, operating with world-leading levels of automation, here in the UK.”

The official acquisition took place on 20 December 2010, and the period of adjustment since has seen Andromeda integrated into the Schneider Electric business model, as well as the appointment of several new staff members to join the company at Andromeda’s offices in Byfleet, Surrey. The coming months will see further transformations, as Andromeda becomes fully integrated into the Schneider Electric brand.

Exciting time

Darren Burford, formerly Managing Director of Andromeda and now LifeSpace Solutions VP, comments: “The last few months have been a very exciting time for Andromeda, and with new targets and a vast pool of resources set firmly in place we are looking forward to continuing to develop innovative building control solutions for the UK and EMEAS markets under the Schneider Electric banner. “Andromeda has enjoyed great success developing solutions for some of the UK’s most iconic sites, and we are thrilled that we can continue this work on a bigger stage, helping businesses make the most of their energy whilst creating exceptional environments to live and work in.” Jean-Christophe Krieger, LifeSpace Solutions Director at Schneider Electric, said: “Andromeda was selected by Schneider Electric for its technical pedigree and reputation for quality, as well as its significant market presence in the UK. The company’s mission moving forward will simply be to continue completing successful building control projects, with a particular focus on the airports, healthcare, commercial and education sectors in the UK and further afield. “Andromeda, as the new LifeSpace Solutions division, will be instrumental in helping Schneider Electric match its vision to empower customers to achieve more while using less, by providing integrated control solutions based on efficient and innovative technologies.”



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