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M&E EVENT All new from

SE Controls Stand Number: C113

SE Controls will be launching their unique Tamperproof MCP at the M&E Event. It is the only product available on the market which can deliver the full functionality required of an MCP whilst complying with the imminent EN12101-9 product standard. Nuisance operation, especially in student accommodation, is becoming a real concern as inappropriate operation of the manual control points can not only cause activation of a system, if a fire does occur once an MCP has been operated, initiation of vents on fire floors can be locked out and fail to operate as a direct result. The orange (RAL 2011) MCP, displays system and vent status both audibly and visibly through three LEDs, ‘power, fault and activated’ (all requirements of the EN standard). SE Controls’ feature rich product has been designed to go much further than simply

providing the basics. When incorporated into SE Controls’ SHEVTEC OSLoop control system, the MCP acts as a fully intelligent zone control panel, fully monitoring smoke detector inputs, monitoring cable outputs and position of the smoke vents. All of this key information can be displayed on an elegant repeater panel, located in the designated fire fighters entrance, as well as being logged in the system to provide post event analysis of causes of alarms. The Tamperproof MCP allows for the rigours of first fix installation by coming in two parts. The base is suitable for first fix, whilst the switch element, which also contains the electronics and housing, clips into position as part of the second fix or commissioning process. The Tamperproof MCP is also suitable for retro fitting into existing sites, in particular, onto SE Controls widely used OS2 control system. This means that the TAMPERPROOF MCP is a very cost effective solution for building managers who are regularly faced with nuisance activation of the smoke ventilation systems. Furthermore the Tamperproof MCP allows building managers to utilise the system for day to day ventilation of common areas in a controlled manner.

Sophisticated energy management

from Schneider Electric Stand Number: B130

In continuing to simplify the notoriously complex task of energy management for customers, Schneider Electric has launched its most holistic yet easy-to-use solution yet – the SEMS (Simple Energy Management Solution). Completely unique, the SEMS combines all of the inherently independent mechanisms of

metering, monitoring and simple control with a straightforward user interface for information to create one true solution. The technology has been specifically designed for use in small to medium size buildings, such as retailers, health centres and small offices, after Schneider Electric realised the need for a more comprehensive energy management solution for smaller commercial outlets.

At the hub of the SEMS system is an iRIO controller, which collects metering and status data from devices such as circuit breakers, power meters, gas and water meters and temperature sensors. The controller then generates the necessary databases, dashboards, curves and reports as well as being able to transmit the data remotely. To make life simpler for users, data is presented as clear and easy to read as possible, meaning no specialist training is required. Plus, information is provided in real-time at the source, so users can know exactly where and how energy is being used. This innovative approach allows for maximum data visibility. Users are able to manage WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam) consumption in order to identify the most relevant areas for improving energy usage and verify the effective impact of energy measures. They can also use the data to perform comparative calculations and show trends to identify further savings areas. Cost allocation reports mean users can drive accountability in every area of the building thus giving them ownership of their electricity costs and motivation to use energy wisely. Furthermore, the SEMS is unique in that it can be delivered in two ways, depending on

budget and performance requirements. The first option is as an on-site energy solution. This puts the customer firmly in control with each user given their own energy dashboard for the building, enabling them to collect information for specific analysis.

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