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PRODUCT FINDER Making solar easy

Comprehensive solar inspection test report and certificate documentation packs from Seaward Solar make it easy for installers of solar PV systems to complete the necessary test reports in compliance with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and IEC62446. Both MCS accreditation and the IEC62446 standard define minimum requirements for solar PV system documentation, commissioning tests and inspection. As such, completion

of system documentation is a specific requirement for all solar panel installations to demonstrate that all key tests have been carried out and the appropriate inspections undertaken. The newly launched Seaward Solar PV Inspection Test

Reports and Certificates documentation sets are supplied in pre-printed pad format for the manual entry of test data on-site and form an essential part of the solar PV installation test and inspection process. Specific Seaward Solar documentation pads are available for PV Inspection Reports, PV Array Reports and PV System Verification Certificates. Each pad includes 25 report sheets, complete with individual carbon copies to enable both the customer and the solar engineer to retain duplicates of all system documentation. Superior range from Sylvania

Havells-Sylvania is delighted to announce the introduction of the Superia CMI-T mini and Superia CMI-R BriteSpot to the Superia CMI range of ceramic metal halide lamps. With exceptional performance and long-lasting colour stability, Superia CMI offers specifiers and contractors a reliable and durable lamp solution that will deliver high quality light and transform lighting applications from retail and display through to hospitality and cultural venues. “The performance of ceramic metal halide technology is second to none in presenting businesses and products in the best possible light,” says Anja Solte, Senior SBU Manager – HID of Havells-Sylvania. “We have overcome some of the shortcomings of previous generation technology by developing a unique one-piece arc tube construction. This innovation has achieved a significant increase in operating efficiency as well as enduring colour stability for an all-round improvement in performance.” There are three models in the Superia CMI series;

CMI-T, CMI-TC and CMI-TD. The CMI-T mini 20W offers best in class performance for accent and display lighting, while the Superia CMI-R BriteSpot 20W is the smallest HID reflector lamp on the market. Aereco’s 30 year guarantee

Aereco, the DCV ventilation specialist, is offering an unconditional 30 years guarantee on its humidity sensor; such is the confidence in the quality and reliability of the product. With a humidity sensitive DCV system, unlike other

ventilation methods, there are no filter changes, and it is virtually maintenance free. The system can be planned into the life of the actual building and the 30 year guarantee offers peace of mind to specifiers and end-users alike. Unlike standard PSV grilles, Humidity Controlled PSV grilles

are rated ‘good practice’ in the Energy Saving Trust’s ‘Good Practice Guide 268’. Aereco’s lifetime guarantee on its humidity sensor means that landlords and home owners who opt for the Aereco product can simply ‘fit it and forget it’ for the lifetime of the product. Ventilation is highly important in the new generation of air- tight buildings and industry experts are looking very closely at DCV systems with humidity sensitive grilles that react automatically to humidity levels within the dwellings. Systems from Aereco satisfy the demands for energy efficiency and guarantee consistently good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Rinnai water heaters excel

Rinnai’s new generation of Infinity continuous flow hot water systems are claimed to have the best energy efficiency figures in the industry and guarantee to deliver safe temperature controlled hot water – all day, every day. The systems are ideally suited to commercial sites such as cafés, pubs, shops and small industrial process applications

Design improvements by Rinnai have increased the heat efficiency of its hot water appliances to world record levels, from 90% to 105% net efficiency while decreasing gas consumption by about 16%. This has led to a huge reduction in both running costs and NOx emissions – just 30 parts per million with the pre-mix ceramic burner system. The Infinity range is available for both internal and external installations and comes with 100% accurate water temperature control, an additional temperature controller and frost protection and operates on either natural gas or LPG. The new Rinnai Infinity 16i offers a system that guarantees a constant flow of safe hot water delivered at precisely the temperature chosen. Operated via an easy to use built-in digital controller, the 16i provides near mains pressure flow for as long as is needed. Stylish luminaire housings

In a further extension of its comprehensive range of LED lighting solutions, Collingwood Lighting has introduced three new housings that perfectly complement its collection of 111mm LED downlights.

The stylish AR119, AR120 and AR220 housings are

constructed in high quality aluminium, delivering a smooth and sophisticated finish suitable for a variety of applications throughout the residential, retail, commercial, hospitality and leisure sectors.

Designed to fit all 111mm diameter lamps, the housings are fitted with spring-loaded fasteners to enable quick and easy installation, making them a viable retrofit solution. In addition, the housings benefit from a removable inner section to enable easy access for on-going maintenance and replacement lamps. The housings are available in three attractive formats: a single round fitting, a single precision-cut square and a double square option, delivering smart and versatile aesthetics to suit any interior scheme. Adam Garside, UK Sales Manager for Collingwood Lighting

said: “We are pleased to introduce these new additions to Collingwood Lighting’s extensive product range, which offers greater design flexibility for lighting installations in both private residences and commercial buildings such as hotels, restaurants, offices and retailers.” Designs for life

Purmo has introduced two new stylish models - the Tinos V and Paros V – to meet the growing market demand for designed vertical heating solutions. Inspired by the clean and sharp lines used in modern architectural design, the Tinos V and the Paros V bring added finesse to both contemporary and traditional interiors. Their flat fronted panels utilise the very latest in heating technology and both models have been designed with aesthetic elegance and comfortable heating in mind.

The difference between both model

ranges is their design; the Tinos has sharp, straight corners, designed to make a discreet aesthetic statement in every room, while the Paros has rounded corners, providing a more classical, softer contemporary style. Both models have been designed to match all kinds of architecture and can be easily accommodated within any living space, from a lounge and a dining room, to a kitchen and bathroom. Furthermore, to increase their functionality, both the Tinos V and the Paros V can be optionally equipped with a handy towel rack in stainless steel. 40 BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER OCTOBER 2011

Fleet range qualifies for ECA

Hamworthy’s latest range of boilers, launched in March this year, has been included on the Government’s Energy Technology List (ETL), providing significant financial advantages for purchasers through the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) scheme. All Fleet condensing modular

boilers, up to 150kW module size, now qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances, providing modular solutions from 40kW to 450kW output. The ECA scheme is a key part of the Government’s programme to manage climate change and is designed to encourage businesses to invest in energy saving equipment. Meeting the scheme’s eligibility criteria, the inclusion of the Fleet boiler range on the Energy Technology List is a reflection of its high performance, exceeding the minimum thermal efficiency requirements by some margin. At the heart of the Fleet is Hamworthy’s new sectional heat

exchanger, which allows each product to be easily configured with a total of 47 different models. Delivering high efficiency condensing performance up to 109% net efficiency, Fleet boilers and the robust aluminium alloy heat exchanger are suitable for up to 6 bar working pressure. The Fleet range of condensing boilers is available in wall hung and floor standing configurations. Xpelair turns automatic

Xpelair has expanded its market leading range of domestic ventilation solutions with the launch of the Avantgarde range.

Ideal for the refurbishment market,

Xpelair’s range features a stylish new grille and a low energy thermo actuator back draught shutter behind the front fascia. To compliment this, every humidity model includes the new Active Humidistat, which automatically adjusts the humidity trigger point as natural relative humidity (RH) levels change. Available in 15 variants, the range features AC motors and includes 100mm, 150mm and a SELV 100mm option. Anna Lovelock, Product Manager at Xpelair Ventilation Solutions, commented: “The launch of the new range is part of an extensive investment programme by Xpelair to bring new solutions to the ventilation market, offering a choice of stylish products. All fans are produced at our Peterborough facility, offering peace of mind that they are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.” The key benefit of a thermo electric shutter fan is it protects against external noise ingress, heat loss and draught, making it ideal for the refurbishment market and in particular, the social housing sector. Additional

connectivity from Panasonic

Panasonic has announced the availability of a KNX interface for its highly energy efficient Etherea air conditioning range, particularly applicable to smart home applications. All Etherea models (MKE), both split and multi-split, can now be compatible with building automation systems that help manage homes and business premises remotely.

Etherea is an intelligent air conditioning system, capable of responding to changing room conditions, including detection of human presence and absence. Adjusting temperature and air- flow in accordance to circumstances, the Etherea system can provide savings of up to 40% on heating and cooling costs. The new IntensisBox PA-AC-KNX-1 allows complete control of all the Panasonic Etherea functions, and is compatible with the entire Etherea MKE line. The unit is installed inside the actual air conditioning unit, therefore not compromising the Etherea’s sleek appearance. This adapter connects directly to a special port built into the indoor unit. Thus, it is possible to complete two-way integration of all the parameters of the air conditioning system. This development was made possible through an agreement signed this year between Panasonic and Intesis Software, a leading Spanish company in the development of gateways and standard communications protocols. VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

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