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Building Controls


through to PIRs which will detect a presence in the room and adjust the services accordingly. But regardless of whether you are new to the concept of controls or an old hat wanting to find out more about the latest technology, Building Controls South is the exhibition for you. Taking place on 26-27 October 2011 at


Sandown Park, Building Controls South is the only exhibition in the UK which is dedicated to the building controls industry and as such will provide a focussed event which showcases new product development and technical innovation in building controls. The event will feature a wide range of

exhibitors, including KNX, Priva Building Intelligence, Vaisala, Timeguard, Theben, Hager, CMR Controls, The Wandsworth Group, Jung, Ex-Or, CBS Butler and Industrial Interface, to name just a few who will be showcasing the very latest in building control technologies. This dedicated event will not only provide

you with access to what is new and available now, helping to resolve current needs and application challenges, but it will also give you a real insight into the exciting developments and technical innovations that are currently being undertaken.

KNX technical workshops

uilding controls come in many formats,

from full Building Management Systems right Keeping you in control

Reducing the amount of energy which we use is now at the heart of every business and while there are plenty of ways to achieve this reduction, one of the best solutions comes in the form of building controls.

blinds & shutters, electrical appliances, windows, security systems, metering and many other functions.

The control of these is achieved seamlessly through the use of KNX technology, a simple and time proven system for intelligent electrical installation networking that offers significant advantages over other alternative approaches to building automation and control.

Hundreds of manufacturers worldwide produce products to take advantage of KNX technology - and they are all compatible. This effectively makes a KNX based solution future proof because if one particular product becomes obsolete, another one will almost certainly have been developed perhaps by another manufacturer to do the same job and offer the same compatibility, functionality and ease of installation. As every KNX product works on the same principle, there are also no integration issues or extra engineering costs. Today, the emphasis is very much on

green buildings and KNX technology can make an important contribution to energy savings. An example would be to control lighting dependent on necessity by turning lights down or off when no occupancy is detected, in addition to carrying out constant light level control utilising natural daylight and adding powered light only when necessary.

KNX installations can switch on power-

The controls industry sees new products and innovations appearing at every corner and regardless of whether you are specifying, installing or maintaining controls systems, you still need to keep on top of the latest technology. One of the best ways to do this is through hands-on experience and we are delighted to be able to announce that for the first time in the UK, KNX will be holding a series of technical workshops alongside Building Controls South which gives you the opportunity to see what this technology is all about.

KNX is the worldwide standard for home

and building control and it allows owners and managers to have complete control over the working or living environment. This can include heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting as well as the operation of


hungry devices automatically when electricity rates are at the lowest. Heating, cooling and ventilation can be regulated separately in each room or area via KNX temperature sensors and it can also prevent un-necessary environmental adjustment when a room is empty. During the winter, when warmth and lighting make an even greater contribution to the comfort that a building provides, KNX can regulate the climate and lighting in individual rooms in accordance with the outdoor temperature, prevailing daylight levels and solar gain. KNX already has an excellent pedigree with projects such as Heathrow T5 and MediaCity in Manchester, but if you’re still feeling a bit in the dark about KNX and you want to find out more, a trip to Building Controls South is the answer.

Hands on experience

The technical workshops will run across both days of the exhibition and will allow you to get hand’s on experience of what it is all about and find out more about what this worldwide standard can offer you. Mark Redfern, Managing Director of Wieland Electric and also a KNX member

says: “KNX is delighted to be holding the very first technical workshops in the UK as part of Building Controls South. One very important part of any industry is the process of education because this is the only way in which everyone can share knowledge and learn from the experience of others. “KNX is very widely recognised throughout the UK, but there are still many people who are unfamiliar with the technology. By running the KNX technical workshops we are able to promote KNX to a wider audience and allow people who are new to the technology the opportunity to gain hands on experience of the products and the savings which can be made.” The KNX technical workshops will take place on both days of the exhibition and places can be pre-booked but will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Places can also be pre-booked for the KNX CPD presentation which will be presented

Building Controls South Location: Sandown Park

Dates: Wednesday 26 October 2011 Thursday 27 October 2011

Opening Hours: 10.00-16.00 on both days

Getting there: Sandown Park is located in the town of Esher, Surrey and benefits from superb travel links.

By Car: Located within the M25, Sandown Park is just off the A3; simply follow the brown venue signs.

By Train: Trains to Esher station for Sandown Park run from London Waterloo and Clapham Junction approximately every 20 minutes and the journey time is 25 minutes.


as part of the seminar programme. See you there

Taking time out of the office is never easy, and with the increasing pressures which are constantly being put on your time it would be easy to simply ignore the exhibitions and events which are happening around the country. However, saving money is at the top of

everyone’s agenda and that is something which you definitely cannot ignore which is why Building Controls South is one event which you can’t afford to miss. Don’t forget there will also be a two day seminar programme which will focus on building controls in new-build and retro-fit applications and will concentrate on the challenges which the installation of a building control system can bring in each of these applications as well as the benefits which can be realised.

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