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26-27 OCTOBER 2011

develops and markets supervisory software named PcVue. Originally designed for the process and manufacturing industries, PcVue now also caters for infrastructures (tunnels and motorways), water (treatment stations, potable water distribution), transport (tramways, trains and airports), building management systems (BMS) and power generation & distribution. PcVue is a hardware independent supervisor which includes native management of equipment conforming to standards such as BACnet, OPC, LonWorks, Modbus and IEC61850 (including 60870-5-104). The object oriented configuration tools allow for re-use of symbols and mimics, offering the potential to reduce life-cycle costs by up to 50%. The unique Smart Generators allow for automatic configuration from external data/applications such as CAD files. Installations of PcVue in the building management sector include EADS Toulouse; PB12 Tower at La Defense, Paris; PB6 Tower at La Defense, Paris; Societe Generale Tower, Paris; EDF Tower, Paris; Central China TV (CCTV) Tower (Beijing, Guangzhou) and the George Pompidou Centre to name just a few.

Catch the bus for intelligent control Hager will be showing its Tebis KNX bus

system and klik.system lighting distribution and control on its stand at Building Controls South. Tebis uses installation bus technology to

The company will also be showing its Klik.system and occupancy sensors. You can use this as a stand-alone system to control lighting or as part of a Tebis bus system.

Solutions led approach

Priva Building Intelligence Ltd will be taking a solutions led approach at this year’s Building Controls South. Working through a network of

control lighting, heating, roller shutters and other similar loads. Used as a KNX system, it is interoperable with more than 2000 approved KNX products from more than 150 manufacturers. Product Manager, Paul Collins

says: “Tebis offers the technology to realise large energy savings through automation.

So, for

example, by using daylight linking PIR devices to dim lighting in response to both occupancy and natural light availability, you can cut the energy consumed by artificial lighting by up to 70%.”

Priva Partners, the company offers cutting-edge building management technology to provide comfortable, healthy and energy efficient working environments for commercial, industrial and public buildings. Priva recognises that as the owner of a building or the facilities manager, you know exactly what is involved in the efficient management of your building and that technology and building automation in sustainable buildings is becoming increasingly important, whether it's office buildings, shopping centres, conference halls,

hotels or residential complexes. At

the same time though, you want to keep the total cost of ownership of your building management as low as possible.

BUILDING CONTROLS SOUTH PREVIEW Controls Priva solutions allow you to adjust the

Building SOUTH

building automation requirements of the building user, thus helping to facilitate a sustainable building. Furthermore, Priva solutions help you to work with greater productivity by controlling the temperature, humidity, lighting and CO2 content. As far as Priva is concerned, comfort, even at an individual level, and a healthy indoor climate are major factors when it comes to productivity. Even when organisational changes are made, individual controls are easy to re-assign, which means that your investments in a healthy indoor climate soon pay for themselves.

By linking individual systems to a central

Priva controller, you can adjust the preferred or required climate at any time, in each area, or even on an individual basis, with no loss to operational simplicity. Linked to security systems, flexible work stations, access systems and cleaning contracts, you can control temperature, lighting, humidity and CO2 content. By linking climate management with an optimum working environment, you can achieve greater productivity and lower operational costs.

Thanks to the modular structure of its solutions, Priva has something to suit every budget, taking into account the various applicable laws and regulations the construction and engineering industry are subject to. By making the right choice for new-build or renovation at an early stage, you make considerable savings and take control of the total cost of ownership and of your building management.



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