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AET showcases sustainable heating Stand Number: H100

AET will be unveiling exciting, new energy saving HVAC solutions for building owners, operators and services engineers on their stand at this year’s Energy Solutions Expo. The event will be used to launch a collection of high quality solar thermal panels for commercial applications; AET will also reveal a new range of absorption chillers and, as part of its range of sustainable fit-out solutions, the company will exhibit its highly popular Flexible Space Concept, the world leader in underfloor air conditioning. In the vanguard of AET’s suite of sustainable solutions is Camel Solar. This high quality range of solar thermal panels for commercial applications utilises the absolute state of the art absorbers with the highest efficiencies available. The products have been developed to use solar energy to heat water in a wide range of applications from swimming pools and domestic hot water to hospitals, hotels and large industrial processes. This renewable technology could help reduce a scheme’s energy consumption in the UK by 40-60% and dramatically cut its carbon emissions. AET’s extensive range of Camel Solar thermal collectors includes copper and aluminium flat plate collectors, copper and aluminium façade collectors and evacuated tube collectors for large scale applications where a premium performance is required. AET are the exclusive distributors for the Camel Solar range in the UK. Alongside its new range of sustainable water hearting technologies, AET will also be introducing a new range of absorption chillers, enabling engineers to use waste heat to produce chilled water sustainably. AET Absorption Chillers are compatible with low carbon technologies such as combined heat and power (CHP) systems where they can help reduce operating costs

and cut carbon emissions. They are available in a range of capacities extending from 45kW to over 3000kW to meet most comfort cooling and industrial applications. AET will also be featuring the firm’s established Flexible Space Concept for underfloor air conditioning. This innovative underfloor air conditioning solution provides a sustainable, flexible and energy efficient way of cooling and heating offices. The advantage of the Flexible Space Concept is that it uses the plenum beneath a raised access floor in an office to provide air to a space rather than a ceiling-based system such as fan-coil units or VAV type air conditioning systems. As a result, when used with a carpet-tile flooring system, demountable partitions and modular power supplies, the Flexible Space Concept provides a highly flexible underfloor air conditioning solution, which allows the office layout to be reconfigured quickly and simply with the minimum of disruption to the building services. The Flexible Space Concept works by using dedicated areas beneath a raised floor as the air supply and extract ductwork. Fan-assisted terminal units, recessed into the floor, supply air from the plenum to the space. The air in the plenum is heated or cooled by an air-conditioning module hidden within the floor void. A separate area of the floor plenum is used to return air to the system. Depending on the type of use, each floor of a building can be zoned by subdividing the plenum so that individual zones can be provided with the precise amount of chilled or warmed air to ensure a comfortable working environment.

Stokvis heating innovations on show

Stand Number: E120

Innovation will be the theme of the Stokvis Energy Systems stand at Energy Solutions. The company’s Econoflame condensing boilers for commercial and public buildings will be on show, with the spotlight on their ability to provide heat and hot water, or process water, for the highest demand applications. Capacities range from 45kW to 1189kW in standard units. Also featured will be the new Econo-Air heating system for warehouses and factories and the latest range of Econoplate Plate Heat Exchangers. A new development on the Stokvis Energy Systems stand will be an evacuated tube solar collector coupled to a solar store and linked to a heat exchanger. The system produces more than 750kWh/sq m per year in direct heating mode and 850kWh/sq m per year in pre-heat mode.

Bespoke solutions from VES Stand Number: B113

VES, air handling unit and heat recovery manufacturers, will be exhibiting at the M&E Event. VES provide a range of bespoke air handling units, the Max range, with duties up to

27m³/s. The units are available in a variety of sizes with 25mm or 50mm construction. Featuring low energy, high efficiency fans, Max units offer a selection of supply, extract and heat recovery permutations to meet a vast range of requirements. Max units are built to order to specific customer requirements, whilst achieving low Specific Fan Powers to meet the latest L2 Building Regulations. A variety of BlueSense Intelligent Control options are available to suit unit requirements

featuring intelligent speed control, and responding to internal or external sensors, they offer energy efficient demand ventilation and equipment longevity. Other VES products with low SFPs include the Ecovent and the Colourfan. Ecovent has been the acknowledged market leader in heat recovery air-handling units for well over 10 years. Colourfan supply, extract and twin extract is a range of small ventilation units from VES.

VISIT OUR WEBSITE: Causeway to showcase

management software Stand Number: E73

Service and maintenance contractors visiting the Causeway stand will be able to see the latest version of the company’s Vixen software for building services and property maintenance. Featuring full integration with the diary and scheduling functionality of Causeway Mobile Workforce, along with location/skills mapping of operatives, Vixen enables optimum management of service and maintenance workforces. Vixen software is also fully compatible with Causeway’s Telematics vehicle tracking solution, which now includes a new web-based reporting suite accessible from any desktop or mobile platform. This combination of workforce management and vehicle tracking is proving invaluable in minimising travelling time between jobs and reducing fuel consumption across the fleet.

FM service providers will also be interested in Causeway’s facilities and sustainability management solutions. The FM Facts range is a comprehensive family of integrated facilities management modules designed to help FMs and FM service providers get maximum value from the facilities they manage. Modules include Helpdesk, Resource/Room Booking, Asset Management, Visitor Management and many more. Also on show will be Sustainability iQ, Causeway’s online, fully auditable sustainability management solution for the management of carbon emissions from buildings and transportation, waste disposal, recycling and other sustainability issues. It also features a module dedicated to managing the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme – delivering typical time-savings of 90% compared to manual methods. OCTOBER 2011 BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER 3

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