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PRODUCT FINDER Fresh air and quiet

In any large, busy building, noise transfer from one area to another has always been a problem- but no more, with a revolutionary yet simple product by Passivent developed in association with Arup.

SoundScoop combines natural

ventilation with noise attenuation. It significantly reduces sound transmission from one area to another, whilst enabling low resistance airflow which is essential in naturally ventilated buildings. This can help reduction in energy consumption as part of the continuing drive for zero carbon buildings, without compromising acoustic performance targets as described in British Standards and Building Bulletins. SoundScoop is positioned at high level in the partition/wall

between two internal spaces, enabling natural air movement with minimal pressure drop. A patented sound absorbing lining optimises attenuation of mid frequency sound, typically the most problematic.

Accredited laboratory testing has

demonstrated that an acoustic performance of up to Dnew44 can be realised. SoundScoop’s innovative design of an ABS sleeve with foam lining enables it to be flat-packed for easy transportation, with 16 product models available to suit most situations. Further enhancing its green credentials, SoundScoop is manufactured from 100% recycled ABS and recycled foam. New Superlite range

Fläkt Woods is delighted to announce the launch of an entirely new range of products to the UK, none of which have been readily available before; and all now offered exclusively through their nationwide group of SuperLite Partners. The range includes a revolutionary SuperLite axial fan, a choice of market leading Veloduct sealed fittings, Iris dampers, an innovative roof fan, in addition to fire dampers, valves and domestic fans.

The inclusion of duct fittings and fire dampers within the

range, which were previously only available outside the UK, is expected to enable the exclusive SuperLite partners to access new markets.

The quality and reputation of Fläkt Woods fully certified fire and smoke dampers, is well-known. When used for early fire detection, linked with a smoke detector and combined with the Company’s automated control systems, they provide the optimum modern fire prevention solution. Veloduct is a name well-known to many in the industry, and

Fläkt Woods is proud to announce that their SuperLIte Partners will be stocking a broad range of duct-fitting products, including the renowned Veloduct system of gasket-sealed fittings. New from Delmatic

The new Micro Multisensor from Delmatic is the smallest addressable multisensor on the market providing presence detection, absence detection and daylight-linking. It also accepts user switching, dimming and scene-set commands via an integral infra-red receiver and receives temperature and set-point data for integrated control of HVAC.

The unit is radical not only in size but also in operation,

offering the perfect solution for a range of applications and variety of installation approaches. The Micro Multisensor plugs into ceiling-mounted modules, daisy-chains on a common bus and connects directly to a Dali buswire.

Designed to optimise energy efficiency and sustainability, Delmatic’s Micro Multisensor combines passive infra-red presence and absence detection with daylight linked dimming, so that lighting is related to occupation as well as the extent of daylight contribution.

The Micro Multisensor includes an infra-red receiver that

enables users to adjust lighting levels to suit their individual preference via a personal infra-red transmitter. The Micro Multisensor also accepts room temperature and temperature set-point data from infra-red thermostats and Delmatic smart touchpads enabling lighting, heating and cooling energy to be linked to occupancy. VISIT OUR WEBSITE: A UK first from glow-worm

Glow-worm is introducing a revolutionary new domestic heating system, which uses hybrid renewable technology to provide homeowners with a heating system that will automatically choose the most cost effective method of heating their home. The unique Glow-worm Clearly

Hybrid system is the first innovation in the UK heating market that couple’s renewable and traditional energy sources to offer homeowners a heating system that is environmentally conscious and cost efficient for domestic heating and hot water. Clearly Hybrid uses its advanced control system to automatically choose when to use low carbon renewable energy from the heat pump or traditional energy from the high efficiency boiler depending upon which source provides the most cost effective option, based on your customers heating requirements, energy tariff and outside temperature. Clearly Hybrid enables installers, house builders and social housing providers to offer heating and hot water systems marrying traditional and renewable technology, optimising system running cost and reducing the carbon footprint of the user. Thanks to the advanced design, homeowners can take a step into renewable technology heating, whilst having the comfort and security of their traditional boiler and familiar controls in their home. Rada’s new timed flow controls

Rada has brought out an improved range of Timed Flow controls that will help specifiers and facilities managers meet the increasingly stringent rules governing both energy and water consumption.

The latest models combine the best of contemporary design with the rugged practicality needed for the most demanding applications - every product in the range has undergone a rigorous 250,000 on/off test cycle. Ease of maintenance (a crucial factor in minimising downtime and costs) is guaranteed with an all-in-one cartridge. Importantly, each model enables the flow rate to be adjusted to meet various benchmarks for water and energy consumption, such as those laid out in BREEAM. The BREEAM Water Use Benchmark says that in the best of buildings water consumption is less than 1.5m3 worst would be 4.5m3

per person per year but in the or more. This range of timed flow

controls will enable compliance with BREEAM (and other benchmarks) in a wide range of conditions and applications. The hand washing range of taps is grouped into Timed Flow, Timed Flow Plus and Timed Flow Select to reflect their added specifications. New from Climaveneta

Climaveneta now provides simultaneous heating and cooling, multi-functional outdoor units over 900kW. The Integra range is an intelligent four-pipe system able to generate both hot and chilled water in the same building. The four-pipe configuration also enables heat to be redistributed around the building, extracting heat where cooling is required and delivering it to areas requiring heating, thus improving overall energy efficiency.

As such, Integra is ideally

suited for buildings with variation in solar and internal heat gains through the day, typically offering around 40 % reduction in primary energy consumption compared to a conventional boiler and chiller combination. The system is highly responsive to changing heating and cooling loads, with the ability to control the two hydronic circuits independently of each other in response to the precise requirements of each conditioned space. Integra units are available in air-cooled and water-cooled configurations with cooling capacities from 36kW to 924kW and with a choice of scroll, screw or inverter screw compressors. In addition to the energy savings, Integra enables significant cost savings through reducing the amount of central plant (compared to boiler + chiller) and the time required for installation.

Condair Mk5 from JS


JS Humidifiers is launching the Condair Mk5 resistive steam humidifier, offering close

humidity control and maintenance costs that can be up to 65% less than electrode boiler humidifiers. Unlike electrode boiler humidifiers, which require replaceable boiling cylinders when scale builds up inside, the Condair Mk5 manages scale so that it’s easy to remove and eliminates the need for expensive disposable boiling cylinders. Scale that forms on the Condair Mk5’s heating elements is detached during normal operation. It falls down into the scale collector tank at the bottom of the unit, which is easy to drain and empty. This makes the Condair Mk5 very simple and economic to maintain and reduces downtime. The Condair Mk5 can operate on a wide range of water qualities and will deliver ±1%RH control when used with reverse osmosis water. Sizes range from 5kg/hr to 80kg/hr with 0-100% modulation. Construction quality is very high and features an extremely robust CrNi stainless steel heating cylinder, incoloy heating elements and a steel powder coated case.

The control panel has an ergonomic keypad and backlit

display that shows operational status, fault and service requirements.

Zip launches new range of literature

Zip Heaters has launched a completely new library of informative literature to help installers understand their full product range and specify the right system for the job at hand.

Encompassing a new domestic brochure plus booklets on the Zip HydroTap, Zip Hydroboil and Zip InLine instantaneous product ranges, Zip’s new literature also includes a definitive product guide to Zip’s complete range of boiling, chilled & hot water products in a handy DL size format. Literally covering everything from A to Z, Zip’s complete product guide is easy to use and designed to make the selection process simple, including features and benefits plus detailed plumbing and electrical information for installing every boiling water, chilled water, hot water and filtration system available for every environment. For those who like to have information at their fingertips, Zip is also launching the new literature online so anyone at any time can browse the range of systems available and find out the product or specification information they need in an instant.

Robust cable management solution

MK Electric is launching its Prestige 3D range of three- compartment trunking in aluminium to satisfy the demand for robust yet aesthetically-pleasing cable management. Prestige 3D Aluminium combines the strength of the metal with gently curved aesthetics to provide a total physical and visual integration with other furnishings. Offering a more robust system and versatility to have either aluminium fittings or PVC fittings, the range is ideally suited to commercial offices, educational facilities and laboratory applications. The new trunking, which is available in both dado and skirting profiles, is manufactured from high precision extruded aluminium and offers a greater depth to cater for Cat 5e, 6 and 7 structured cabling. With the aluminium-PVC hybrid, the robustness of aluminium combines with flexibility of PVC in the bends allowing these cables to be wired more easily. With pre-drilled bases and hinged lids the system is designed specifically for ease of installation, offering pre-punched oval holes at 100mm intervals, ensuring no drilling is required for wall fitting. Wiring is also made easier with 50mmx21mm knockouts at 100mm intervals along compartment dividers, providing instant access to mounting boxes without drilling or cutting. OCTOBER 2011 BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER 39

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