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PRODUCT FINDER Dimplex heat pump packs

Dimplex’s energy efficient air source heat pumps are now easier than ever to specify, with the launch of a range of heat pump packs containing everything required for most common domestic applications. Whether your project requires both heating and hot water, heating only, or an especially compact installation, there’s a Dimplex air source heat pump pack to make specification and ordering straightforward. The packs feature a choice of Dimplex’s new LA MS or LA PMS heat pumps, for a range of applications. The LA MS models are designed to minimise noise emissions and with outputs ranging from 9 to 16kW provide an efficient heating and hot water solution for medium to large sized properties. The PMS range offers variable heating water flow temperatures from 35°C to 65°C, weather compensated. For new build properties, the Dimplex air source heat pump can be sized to supply both the space heating and domestic hot water, while in property refurbishments, the existing boiler can be retained as an additional heating resource for a flexible, responsive and economical bivalent system. The heat pump packs contain everything required for easy specification, purchase and installation. Stokvis gas fired air heaters

Those seeking to reduce energy bills for large scale premises such as factories, aircraft hangars and sports halls, will welcome the news that Stokvis Energy Systems has added new gas fired air heaters to its range of boilers, plate heat exchangers and other equipment.

These compact heating systems are highly fuel efficient while, in the warmer months, can also offer ventilation for improved indoor air quality, thus reducing the requirement for costly air conditioning. Stokvis has launched the comprehensive new range of gas fired air heaters under the Econo-Air brand. The direct fired (SDF) or indirect fired (SIDF) units provide flexibility for optimum design choice in a building, as does the comprehensive range of optional extras. The fully CE approved units are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, and can be utilised alongside solar panels for even further energy savings. The SIDF operates at between 15 to 900kW and the SDF version at between 30 and 1200kW, while the airflow range is between 0.5 to 25m3


The fully modulating direct gas fired burner control features a 20:1 turn down ratio, while the corresponding figure for the indirect units is 12:1. Energy efficient air curtains

With the measuring requirement of the government’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme now in effect, large organisations across the public and private sectors are actively looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption, and Dimplex air curtains can help, by creating a stream of fast-moving air that stops treated air from escaping through open doorways. Dimplex air curtains are easy to retrofit, as the manufacturer

offers both recessed and surface-mounted models. Alternatively, the units can be installed at the same time as the air conditioning or heating system, for a complete HVAC solution. To further reduce energy use, Dimplex air curtains are supplied with a built-in Building Energy Management System (BEMS) interface as standard and they can also be controlled via timers, presence detectors and temperature controls, which together improve the overall performance of a heating or cooling system. For example, efficiency can often be improved by linking the operation of air curtains to other HVAC equipment either directly or via suitable BEMS links to improve overall system efficiency. Dimplex has a full range of air curtains that can all have a

positive impact on carbon emissions wherever fitted.

Compact new valve range

Sontay's newly launched VE–x terminal valve and actuators and plug and seat valve assemblies offer much reduced installation costs, increased flexibility for system change and greater reliability for heating and chilled water HVAC applications with up to a 50% glycol mix. The new VE-x range is

feature-packed to make installation as quick, simple and cost-effective as possible in fan coil units, small re-heaters and re-coolers in temperature control systems. The compact housings ensure that products from within the range can be easily positioned in air handling units and plant room locations. Meanwhile, the raised shoulder within the casting also helps with placement in tight locations, especially when pipework insulation is present. No special tools are needed for installation. Versatility and flexibility are also important features. The

valve cartridges themselves are exchangeable, allowing easy replacement in situ and ensuring that costs are kept down should the specification change. Multiple KVS are available at every line size to ensure close matching of the chosen product to the valve authority. For high rise applications without any isolation loops, PN 16 static pressure rating options are available. Convert to inverter heat pumps

Dimplex is once again expanding the UK’s widest range of heat pumps with the launch of the new Air- Eau range of inverter-driven heat pumps, offering market-leading energy efficiency and performance, low noise levels and easy installation.

With outputs from 6-16kW,

the range covers domestic applications from small, well- insulated new build homes, to retrofits in existing homes which will have higher heat requirements. The range achieves very high CoPs of up to 4.7 across a

range of operating temperatures. Designed to work efficiently with underfloor heating, Dimplex Smartrad radiators or conventional radiators, Air-Eau heat pumps offer variable water flow temperatures between 35°C and 55°C for maximum space heating comfort, with weather compensated flow temperature control for improved efficiency. At the heart of the Air-Eau heat pump is a variable speed,

inverter controlled compressor, which allows the heat levels delivered to be matched closely to the heating requirements of the building, as ambient temperatures change. This means that in cold weather heat pump capacity is maintained, eliminating any need for supplementary back up heating, while at warmer air temperatures, heat pump output can be reduced, helping to improve efficiency. New pressurisation units

Stokvis Energy Systems has introduced a new range of Econopress Electronic pressurisation units designed for use on heating or chilled water systems up to and including 2.8 bar cold fill pressures.

There are five units in the range to

give floor standing and wall hung options and all are mounted in fully enclosed mild steel powder coated cabinets.

The Econopress is available in single and twin pump versions and all models are electronically controlled pressurisation units. To ensure easy installation, all mechanical connections

are terminated outside the main shell and on the micro-s ultra compact unit the electrical connections are on either side to suit site requirements. Pumps are constructed of a cast iron body with stainless

trim, stainless steel shaft and a brass impellor. The pump incorporates a self-adjusting mechanical seal. 38 BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER OCTOBER 2011 Thinking Buildings Universe

Knowing where we can go to access particular information is something that can save us incalculable amounts of valuable time. The new Thinking Buildings Universe from Grundfos now offers building services professionals a centralised information point that is a one stop shop for commercial buildings services pump applications. This site has been specifically designed to work as an aide during planning and specification phases as well as when the selections have been made and the systems are operational. It has been developed with potential users around Europe who gave their input as to what they expected, needed and wanted to see from such an information hub. One particularly useful tool is the Lexicon function that

provides you with a glossary of pump industry terms. When you enter the website you will see the Lexicon option along the top bar which allows you to search for terms either by putting in a key word or by selecting from the A to Z option. With this facility and so much more why not save this site as

a ‘favourite’ so that your personal information centre will be available whenever you need it.

Maximise energy savings with Trend

Air conditioning terminal units can be operated with unparalleled energy efficiency when fitted with controllers from Trend Control System Ltd’s new IQeco range. Moreover, features such as soft addressing and bar code identification make for faster controller set-up and commissioning, which can save days on larger projects. The four models that make up the range together meet the control requirements of virtually all fan coil and VAV units, with one even able to provide full room control, including light switching and dimming. All the controllers are available in fixed- function form (with a wide choice of standard strategies) or as fully-programmable versions, though it is very simple to convert the former to the latter to accommodate future control needs. IQeco controllers use the BACnet data communications protocol and are designed to connect to an MS/TP field bus. Their functionality has been independently tested and certified by WSP Lab in Stuttgart, an accredited testing laboratory for BACnet devices.

Three of the controllers (the IQeco 31, 35 and 38) are for fan coil unit control. They have a flexible mix of inputs and outputs and have point counts of 4i/6o, 7i/9o and 9i/11o respectively. VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

Don’t replace, e-place with Grundfos

Taking the opportunity to review the situation when there is a requirement to replace a pump is rarely taken, instead the pump is replaced with a ‘like for like’ pump which means the opportunity to gain efficiency, save energy and improve comfort levels is lost. When replacing a pump there are several points that should be considered as these will have an impact on whether you are making the best selection including: • Is the pump correctly sized for the current duty requirements?

• Has the building undergone any change of use since the pump was fitted?

• What solution would mean least pipe work modification? • How important is service access? But the most important question of all should be is there an

opportunity to replace with a variable speed option that will only work as hard as it needs to? This can save up to 80%+ of the energy required over a fixed speed counterpart. Grundfos Pumps has been the frontrunners in developing

variable speed technology and can provide you with a wide range of reliable pump solutions plus a wealth of experience.

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