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A single unit solution

snacks, as well as refreshing chilled water. Plumbed-in and permanently connected to the mains water supply, Aquatap is installed underneath a counter, with the dispenser tap being fixed above, either next to the mains water taps or on the drip tray accessory. Over recent years there’s been a definite trend towards the use of electric drinking water units like Aquatap. Now used in an endless number of commercial and public sector buildings, including offices, call centres, hair/beauty salons, schools, hospitals, surgeries and clinics, they are simple to install and use, and have low maintenance requirements.


Aquatap can deliver up to 30 consecutive cups or 20 mugs of water at a time, at the simple touch of a button. Three versions of Aquatap are available from

October 2011 which includes boiling, boiling/chilled and boiling/ambient.

Boiled over

Aquatap provides a constant supply of boiling water for tea, coffee and other hot drinks and snacks, and is an ideal alternative to kettles, urns and drinks machines. Boiling water units like Aquatap have

proved really popular over recent years because of the amount of time they save, especially where tea breaks are few and far between, such as in hospitals and schools, for example. In busy working environments people don’t want to spend their break times queuing up to use a kettle and then waiting for it to boil.

And while instant drinks machines can

save time, and have notably become more sophisticated over recent years, they are still generally associated with poor taste and quality. And, of course, they can’t cater for individual tastes, with few offering choices like flavoured, herbal or caffeine-free teas. Boiling water units like Aquatap also eliminate the safety hazards associated with kettles and urns; trailing cables can be damaged, and kettles full of boiling water can be easily knocked over. Kettle users can also be scalded by water spilling from the appliance, or by steam. In comparison, boiling water units are securely mounted onto a wall or counter top, so they can’t be knocked over. As a further precaution, Aquatap includes

a safety button for boiling water to prevent any accidental use, for example by a child, and removing the potential for scalding.


eatrae Sadia’s Aquatap is a single-unit solution for delivering boiling water for hot drinks and

As well as offering time saving and safety benefits, boiling water units are also energy efficient, delivering the amount of water required and replacing it as it is used.


comparison, kettles and urns are invariably filled with more water than is needed, which wastes energy.

The easy-to-install, five litre capacity stylish Aquatap is based on Heatrae Sadia’s market leading Supreme boiling water product, and includes similar built-in safety features and the same Intelliboil Plus technology. This effectively and efficiently manages the boiling cycle by regularly bringing the contents of the water container to the boil in response to ongoing user demand. A ‘temperature ready’

LED indicator

advises when Aquatap is ready for use.

Chilled out

Over recent years there’s also been increased demand for cold drinking water in the workplace, with

the case for drinking enough water to remain sufficiently hydrated being well- documented. Dehydration can contribute to headaches, tiredness and irritability as well as serious health problems including urinary tract infections – which can lead to kidney damage and can play a role in the development of potentially fatal medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. Drinking enough water each day is thought to protect health, but studies have also suggested that water increases the blood’s ability to carry oxygen to the brain, improving concentration and mental performance. Tap water will of course be available in the

workplace, but some people don’t like room temperature water, which can discourage regular drinking. Many organisations opt for bottled water units, but these can be expensive and involve a lot of maintenance in terms of ordering, storing, manoeuvring and replacing the relatively large, heavy, cumbersome bottles.

An economical solution is therefore to chill and filter mains water via a plumbed-in unit like Aquatap, which delivers a constant supply of refreshing, cool water. For those preferring un-chilled water, Aquatap can also be fed directly from the cold mains supply to deliver ambient cold water and this can be fitted with or without the optional filter.

Additional extras include a drip tray for counter mounting, water filters, as well as an extension piece to enable flasks and water bottles to also be filled.


 Simple & Rapid Installations - in Minutes  Joins plain-end Pipe - No Prep Required  Reusable in Pipework Dis/Assembly  Stress-Free Joining with Misalignment  Problem Solver in Restricted Spaces  WRc/WRAS Approved for Potable Water


earn WAT4 BREEAM credits by fitting these to all washroom areas Normally closed valves from 1/2" to 2" sizes

Room Empty

Room Occupied

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