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Congratulations on your success how you doing right now? I’m doing great, I’m in a good place right now. I was under pressure to beat my last album and that pressure has eased off a little so now I can start focusing on starting to make new music.

Your track did really well 500,000 thousand plus downloads, how is the album going? Yeah, this is my third project and the game has changed what with the Internet and social networking. Now that I have come from a independent space it’s been an interesting time.

You put out 5 mixtapes in a year and your always on tour is that what you spend all your time doing? Yeah I spend all my time in the studio you can’t make 5 quality albums unless your really putting it down. When I was off Interscope Records, I was probably back to to my purest form because I didn’t have anything to worry about but satisfying my core fans. Just to give them the uncut material the under ground material they don’t get to hear on the radio. My whole time was just dedicated to the hate and I was just focused on turning everyone that wasn’t a supporter into a supporter, that was what fuelled me.

I remember when you got the Just O Mixtape Artist of The Year award that was from the fans it must of been an important moment? Yeah that was a hard award to get, there was a lot of movements going on at the same time you had G Unit, Dipstep, D Block and everything else, so there was a lot going on at the time. So for me to come out as a brand new artist, with 50 Cent getting the award the year before just shows you how we had the numbers locked up. I cherish that time because it was given to me by the street. That is Hip Hop in it’s purest form, if they don’t think you should have it then they are not going to let you have it.

You have always been a rappers rapper, you were crowned the punch line king. What other rappers out there, outside of your crew, are you feeling? I’ve been in music for a very long time. My early influences were Big Daddy Kane, Kill A Brick, Run DMC. I caught on to Hip Hop very early. Now, it’s like Nas, Jay-Z, there are so many different artist like Wu

Tang for example. I’ve been a fan of all of this, all types and styles. Nowadays, you do a record with whom you like to improve yourself and bring their ability to your work. Right now, we have some great artists coming out like J.Cole. I love the UK stuff as well. I’m paying attention no matter where and when. Whether it’s an award show or checking out a new artist, I’m always there.

What was it like rapping with 50 Cent before he became big? Before 2002...tremendous to be honest, he steered us in the right direction with this movement. It was a different kind of movement. Some people have people who they respect and enjoy, but 50 was more than just the music. How he came into the game and his approach was just phenomenal. We worked with each other since being from the streets and the energy was crazy. It’s amazing how things quickly changed from being in the streets to within a few years selling records. I think the main thing is to stay relevant.

Are you following 50 Cents moves in the business world? Of course. We all learn from each other. He’s a leader, he’s done a lot. He knows how to get the right deal. It wasn’t like we had to stick together in our other ventures, we acted like home boys and worked together.

I hear you have a good split on your itunes deal, you can bank roll yourself now right? Yeah, the whole plan was to get it to launch the groups album, my solo album came out too. It was basically set up for everybody so they can do their own thing, their own records, abilities and styles of music. The deal came about at the end of last year and it was a blessing to work that hard and to see it all pay off through this deal. With the fans, I appreciate all the respect I get from them. I was brought up on the streets like most of them and I get the toughest guys coming up to me saying how much they like my work.

Is there someone out there that you’re going to open the door for? I wouldn’t feel complete with myself unless I help someone else out. I was fortunate enough to borderline the corner that the opportunity came for me. I am definitely looking for some talent, I think that’s the only thing left, to help somebody else. At the same time, I need to write some more tracks. In the


The one and only Punchline King Lloyd Banks has just dropped his highly anticipated new album The Hunger For More 2. We talk on his success, being part of Hip Hop history, G Unit and being an inspiration for new artists in the game.

meantime, I hope to inspire other new artists coming up.

So what’s good right now? At the moment, I’m working on my new mixtape and I think a lot of people will be interested to see what I’ve been up to. After releasing an album which was considered to be one of the best albums in Hip Hop last year, people are excited. I’m just looking forward to it. After a while, if you execute it at a certain level, people will respect you. I’m working on my new mixtape and it’s called the Cold Corner 2011. It’s going to keep me out there and people will expect big things from this album.

When are you going to come over to the UK? I’ll be back over there within a month or so. We just came back from London not too long ago. But I’ll definitely be flying back to the UK soon though. The music quality over there is high, even before the Internet. Out there, they enjoy the old punch lines and everything. I can’t wait.

Lloyd Banks new album “The Hunger For More 2” is out now. For more information on his new releases check


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